In the United Kingdom, a student uses ChatGPT to appeal against a parking ticket

United Kingdom: ChatGPT has the Parking Fine Received by a Student Revoked

THANK YOU CHATGPT: The English student decided to send a letter, written using the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to appeal against the parking fine ChatGPT strikes again. Launched in November 2022, the chatbot developed by OpenAI recently enabled a British student to escape a fine for poor parking, reports the BBC  relayed by Capital. The 22-year-old young woman, who lives and studies in […]

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Protester Patrick Thelwell is arrested after throwing an egg near King Charles III

UK Student Who Threw Eggs at King Banned from Carrying Eggs in Public

EGGS: He can still buy eggs when he goes shopping From carrying a weapon to carrying an egg… The student arrested on Wednesday in the United Kingdom for throwing eggs at King Charles III has been released but the police have forbidden him to carry them in public in the future, reported this Thursday the British press. Patrick Thelwell, 23, […]

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The missing student in Rennes was found dead in a forest

Rennes: The Young Missing Student was Found Dead in the Forest

Ronan Le Barch, a student from Baden in Morbihan, had been missing since the 10th March. He had left his student accommodation in halls of Beaulieu, Rennes, with a bag without his phone or his keys. The gendarmes found him dead on Tuesday in the forest of Liffré. Since Friday, March 10, Ronan Le Barch, […]

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The now former student of Estaca in Laval had used a "killer USB" key.

Laval: He had “Grilled” 90 Computers, the Student Permanently Expelled

The disciplinary board of the engineering school Estaca in Laval has permanently expelled the student who had destroyed by playing nearly 90 computers in October, 2016. “The student had passed in no time disciplinary board after it was discovered that he was the perpetrator,”  said this Monday, 9th January by the engineering school Estaca based in […]

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More protests in Ancenis this Thursday against the proposed Labour Law

Labour Law: Demonstration on Thursday in Ancenis

A strike call was launched in Ancenis, for the withdrawal of the law El Khomri, this Thursday, 28th April, 2016. As part of the joint appeal of UD CGT, CGT-FO, Solidaires, FSU and Unef of Loire-Atlantique, local unions of the area of Ancenis, with the students, called the strike Thursday, 28th April.  Rally for the withdrawal […]

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Teenager brings a loaded gun to college in Athis-de-l'Orne

Athis-de-l’Orne: Adolescent Brings a Loaded Gun to College

The police intervened in a college in Athis-de-l’Orne on Friday.  A 14 year old student is being investigated. The incident occurred at Athis-Val-de-Rouvre (4300 inhabitants) in the Bocage ornais.  Friday morning, the gendarmes involved in the René-Cassin college. The alarm was raised by a family.  The day before, on the bus, a boy of 14 […]

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