Charente-Maritime: Accident at Leroy Merlin, Client Crushed by 300 kg of Wooden Panels

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Accident at Leroy Merlin: a client crushed by 300 kg of wooden panels in Charente-Maritime

The victim, seriously injured, was transferred to the hospital in Poitiers (Vienne). The reason why the wooden walls would have collapsed is still unknown. An investigation is opened.

Drama at the Leroy Merlin store in Puilboreau, in the agglomeration of La Rochelle this Wednesday afternoon, in Charente-MaritimeA 50-year-old customer was seriously injured after an incident in the outdoor courtyard of the DIY equipment establishment. In this outdoor courtyard, where a number of materials intended for the house are located according to Sud-Ouest, customers can have access to several bulky materials.

It was in this part outside the main building that the client was crushed by 300 kg of wooden panels also called claustra. These wooden walls are usually used to create separations in large rooms. The 57-year-old victim was airlifted by Dragon 17 to a hospital in Poitiers. An investigation has been opened for unintentional injuries.

The reason why the wooden walls would have collapsed is still unknown. The scene of the accident was closed by the police in order to carry out the first observations. The store, meanwhile, remained open.

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