McLaren 750 S: New, or Almost

The New McLaren 750S

AUTO: The prodigious McLaren 720S has a replacement. It is called 750S, and its main novelty is already announced in this name.

Less popular than Ferrari or Lamborghini, McLaren has absolutely nothing to envy in terms of technical excellence and driving experience. But the sales of the English brand are far below those of the others, and the result is a somewhat “on the wire” financial situation. This is probably why when developing the replacement for the 720S, launched 6 years ago, we played it safe. In fact, the 750S is not entirely new, since only 30% of its elements differ from those of the 720S. But McLaren has worked where it really counts.

McLaren 750S
McLaren 750S


For example, changes (only identifiable to those in the know) to the nose, sidewalls and stern all have the effect of improving aerodynamic performance. In a car of this calibre, there is nothing anecdotal. The interior is almost completely new. It was designed to save a few kilos (less than 1,300 kilos dry with all the “lightweight” options), and to improve the ergonomics of the systems, which is not a luxury in a McLaren, often marks a bit muddled in this area. And of course, there is the mechanics. The 4.0-litre V8 biturbo, therefore, sends 750 hp (it’s written on it) and 800 Nm to the rear wheels alone, via a dual-clutch gearbox whose 7 gears have been shortened for more aggressiveness. Result: 0-100 km in 2.8 seconds, and 330 km/h. The 750S is immediately available as a coupé and a roadster, for prices starting around €300,000.

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