Coronavirus: France Suspends use of AstraZeneca Vaccine until European Review

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France suspends the coronavirud Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine

EPIDEMIC: The European Agency will hold an “extraordinary meeting” on the AstraZeneca coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday

France, in turn, decided on Monday to “suspend as a precaution” the use of the coronavirus Cpvid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca, pending an opinion from the European drug authority which will be issued on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron announced during a meeting. press conference in Montauban.

The Head of State said “hope to resume soon” vaccination with this serum “if the opinion of the European authority allows”, while several European countries have also suspended this vaccine, including Germany and the ‘Italy this Monday. For its part, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that it would hold an “extraordinary meeting” on the vaccine on Thursday.

“The EMA security committee will further consider the information tomorrow (Tuesday) and has called an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, March 18 to conclude on the information gathered and any other action that may be necessary,” said the Amsterdam-based agency in a statement.

“New decisions” in the coming days

“We will have to take new decisions in the coming days, no doubt,” to fight the Covid epidemic, said the Head of State, calling for restrictions taken “in an appropriate and proportionate manner”.

Asked about a possible confinement of the Île-de-France, where the intensive care hospital services are under great pressure, the Head of State called to look at “the reality of the epidemic, city by city, territory by territory: that’s what we do, ”he added.

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