A new coronavirus vaccine by AstraZeneca is on track

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca says it has “The Winning Formula” of the Vaccine Before the British Decision

EPIDEMIC: This vaccine, by AstraZeneca is much easier to transport than the Pfizer, is eagerly awaited The British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca claimed to have found, after additional research, “the winning formula” for its vaccine against Covid-19 developed with the University of Oxford, on which the British regulator is due to vote in the next few days. “We believe that we have found the […]

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An AstraZeneca plant in Boulder, Colorado

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca Vaccine Shows Encouraging Results in Older People

EPIDEMIC: The immune response in elderly patients is said to be identical to that elicited in young people, according to preliminary results to be confirmed in phase 3 Hope in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford said their vaccine against the coronavirus Covid-19 caused a good immune response in the elderly, particularly at risk from the […]

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The European Union has placed a order for the Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19: the European Union Will Order 300 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Vaccine

The vaccine from pharmaceutical group Pfizer would reduce the risk of getting sick from the Covid-19 virus by 90%. The European Union is preparing to sign for 300 million doses. The announcement by pharmaceutical group Pfizer that its vaccine against Covid-19 would reduce the risk of becoming ill with the virus by 90% raises immense hope around the world, with the United […]

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Illustration of a Covid-19 vaccines project.

Coronavirus: Trials Launched, Schedule … Where is the Race for Vaccines?

RESEARCH: Currently, at least three Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccines have entered the last phase of their trial, before marketing  While the epidemic remains active over much of the planet, many hopes rest on the race for the vaccines against the Covid-19. Several laboratories announced this summer that they had entered phase 3 of their clinical trial, which […]

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Australia should make the vaccination of its population against the coronavirus "compulsory", except for medical exemption, Australian Prime Minister

Coronavirus in Australia: Vaccination Should be Compulsory says Prime Minister

PREVENTION: Australia announced on Tuesday that it had secured the “promising” coronavirus vaccine hat the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca is developing with the University of Oxford Australia should make the vaccination of its population against the coronavirus “compulsory”, except for medical exemption, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday. The Conservative leader announced on Tuesday that […]

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Greece hopes to get coronavirus vaccine by December 2020

Coronavirus: Greece Hopes to Receive a Vaccine by December

COVID-19: The European Commission has reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca, “to acquire a potential vaccine against Coronavirus Covid-19, as well as to donate it to low and middle-income countries” Greek Minister of Health said Tuesday it hoped to receive the first batch of vaccines against the Covid-19 by December, under an agreement between the EU and the pharmaceutical industry. “If […]

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