Coronavirus: Faced with an Upsurge in Cases, Germany Advises Against Travelling to Spain

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As the country managed to bring down the number of new daily infections of Coronavirus, Germany has now seen it rise to 557

CONTAGION: As the country managed to bring down the number of new daily infections of Coronavirus, Germany has now seen it rise to 557

Germany is also facing a rebound in new Coronavirus Covid-19 infectionsThe authorities are worried this Tuesday, recalling the health measures to be respected and advising against certain trips, especially to Spain.

“The latest developments in the cases of Covid-19 are a source of great concern for me and for all of us at RKI,” said Lothar Wieler, president of this benchmark health institute, at a press conference. Welcoming that the country, with only 9,122 dead, had managed the crisis relatively well compared to many of its European neighbour’s thanks in particular to compliance with strict health rules, he expressed concern at the slackening of part of the population in this subject.

Parties in houses to be banned

“We had managed to keep the number of new infections stable for several weeks (…) but we have been observing an increase in cases for several days”, worried Lothar Wieler. The average of new daily Covid-19 infections has currently risen to 557 for a week in Germany, when it was below 350 in mid-July.

“This success proves to us that we can reduce the spread of the virus”, he explained, but for that we must “continue to respect the sanitary rules”. According to him, house parties are a great source of new infections: “even young people can be carriers of the virus and infect their parents or grandparents,” he added. He, therefore, advised to respect barrier gestures, to continue to wash your hands regularly and to ventilate closed rooms often.

Travel to Spain not recommended

But one of the most important instruments, according to the RKI, is the wearing of a mask in closed spaces but also, and this is a novelty in Germany, outside if physical distancing turns out to be impossible to respect. “We have rules, like keeping a distance of at least 1.50 meters, if it is not possible to keep this distance, we always recommend wearing masks, no matter whether it is indoors. or outside of a room, ”Lothar Wieler said.

For the RKI, travel abroad, now authorized again, is also partly responsible for the relative return of the pandemic. He thus designated certain territories, such as Spain, where the virus is circulating again in a worrying manner. Germany thus advised against Tuesday “non-essential” and tourist trips to the Spanish regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Navarre due to the “high number of infections” of coronavirus. If “the number of infections has dropped significantly” in Spain, “there are currently new regional foci of infections” in these three regions, explains the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a note published on its website.

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