Bordeaux: Orange Accelerates the Deployment of Fibre

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Orange is to increase its deployment of Fibre Optic across Bordeaux

CEO of Orange signed on Friday an agreement with the city to speed up the deployment of fibre optic in the centre and the municipalities of the Metropolitan area …

An agreement between Orange CEO Stéphane Richard, Chairman of Urban Community of Bordeaux Alain Juppe and the Aquitaine prefect Pierre Dartout was signed on Friday morning. The Objective is the deployment of Fibre Optic cables to 90% of the city of Bordeaux 2017.

Connecting the housing of the city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO , is a real technical challenge.  Currently nearly 53,000 homes are eligible for fibre, only 30% of the city centre.  This agreement will notably facilitate the installation of infrastructure in the protected area and around the historical monuments.

Work in progress at St. Augustine, and Nansouty Caudéran

The deployment work is underway in St. Augustine neighborhoods, and Nansouty Caudéran and beginning this year in the Chartrons districts, downtown and south of Bastide and southern maritime area of Bordeaux. The Orange ambition is to reach 55% of eligible households by the end of 2016. “This new agreement will allow Bordeaux to support and develop innovation to create a digital territory, sustainable and connected,” said Alain Juppe .

The mayor of Bordeaux has warned that “we can not degrade the visual quality of our city,” referring to the problem of installing optical cabinets, which must be accessible from the public domain.  A development solution is underway, including by implementing these towering cabinets in underground car parks.

The 26 municipalities of the Metropolitan equipped by 2020

Deployed the cost of Orange, 19 municipalities of Urban Community of Bordeaux have already fibre optics.  Eight more will be added from 2016. The deployment of fibre has several phases: the laying of the fibre in existing civil engineering ducts, implantation of street cabinets, studies (for small buildings and houses) and their installation, allowing all access to come and offer their service providers. The ongoing collaboration on Urban Community of Bordeaux has already reduced the time it takes from a request for installation of a cabinet which was originally two months, but is now down to 15 days.

The agreement signed in 2013 with the Cub program has deployments of 27 cities that will all be covered in full in 2020.  Orange will invest in three billion euros in the French terrorities as part of its Fibre Optic strategic plan of the business.

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