Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel Announces Restrictions Only for the Unvaccinated 1

Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel Announces Restrictions Only for the Unvaccinated

EPIDEMIC: Germans who are not immune to Covid-19 will no longer be able to access certain public places Faced with the surge in Covid-19 infections , Germany is toughening its tone and especially towards unvaccinated people. After a crisis meeting on Thursday, Angela Merkel announced the generalization of specific restrictions for these citizens, such as their exclusion from certain public places. “We […]

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Coronavirus in Germany: Munich Cancels Christmas Market Due to Epidemic Rebound 2

Coronavirus in Germany: Munich Cancels Christmas Market Due to Epidemic Rebound

EPIDEMIC: Germany has been facing a surge in coronavirus cases for several weeks Due to “the exponential growth” of coronavirus cases , the German city of Munich has canceled its Christmas market , which attracts more than two million visitors, Mayor Dieter Reiter announced on Tuesday. Munich is the first major German city to make such a decision this year, in the face of the virulence of the new epidemic […]

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Coronavirus in Germany: How Did the Fourth Wave Start? 3

Coronavirus in Germany: How Did the Fourth Wave Start?

EPIDEMIC: There are 131,000 coronavirus cases per week in the regions of Goethe and Bayern Munich in Germany, as many as a year ago Germany is facing a fourth wave of coronavirus Covid-19 cases, comparable to that of last fall with 34,000 new contaminations identified in 24 hours on Thursday. Across the Rhine, the vaccination rate […]

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4,000 German funds will be able to buy bitcoin and cryptos in a few weeks

4,000 German Funds will be Able to Buy Bitcoin and Cryptos in a Few Weeks

CRYPTOCURRENCY: Germany has just passed a law allowing its Spezialfonds to purchase digital assets such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies The Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament, has passed a law allowing German Spezialfonds to invest in digital assets from July 1, 2021. The law has yet to be confirmed by the Bundesrat, the German equivalent Senate, but […]

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Germany, Italy and Spain suspend the use of the AstraZeneca Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus: Germany, Italy and Spain in Turn Suspend Vaccination with AstraZeneca

VACCINE: Like many European countries, Germany has suspended the coronavirus Covid-19 vaccination with AstraZeneca, suspected of producing dangerous side effects Germany, Italy and Spain suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca against the coronavirus on Monday, as did France on the same day, i.e. the four largest European countries. AstraZeneca’s vaccine was one of four vaccines authorized for administration in France to fight the Covid-19 […]

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Germany closes its borders after fear of coronavirus Covid-19 mutations spreading

Coronavirus in Germany: Berlin Closes Borders and Draws Criticism from the EU

COVID-19: These restrictions were decided on due to fears of the German government of a new wave of Covid-19 contaminations from the British and South African mutations of coronavirus Germany on Sunday closed some of its borders, with the Czech Republic and Austrian Tyrol, in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19, sparking criticism from the European […]

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The image dates back to last March, with systematic checks at the Franco-German border, like here in Kehl near Strasbourg

Coronavirus: Will Germany Toughen its Entry Conditions for the French?

BORDER CONTROLS: France could be classified by its German neighbor as an area with high incidence of the coronavirus What if the rules for crossing the German border became even more complicated? The fear is real in Alsace because the Robert-Koch Institut, the health watch body, could quickly classify France as a high incidence zone. For the […]

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Faced with German doubts, AstraZeneca defends the effectiveness of its vaccine against coronavirus

Coronavirus: Faced with German Doubts, AstraZeneca Defends the Effectiveness of its Vaccine

VACCINE: According to two German papers, Angela Merkel’s government would count on very low effectiveness of the vaccine of the British laboratory, AstraZeneca for the over 65s In view of the fears that vaccines against coronavirus Covid-19 may inspire, AstraZeneca has carried out a demining operation. The British pharmaceutical company defended on Monday evening the effectiveness of its vaccine for people over […]

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The coronavirus vavvine remains effective against new variant

Coronavirus: Vaccines Remain Effective Against New Variant

COVID-19: New coronavirus strain “has no impact on vaccines” which remain “just as effective”, the German health minister said Experts from the European Union have come to the conclusion that the current vaccines against the coronavirus remain effective against the new variant of Covid-19 spotted in particular in Great Britain, the German government announced on Sunday evening. “From all […]

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A variant of the coronavirus has been discovered across the Channel

Coronavirus: France Suspends all Travel from the United Kingdom for 48 Hours

EPIDEMIC: The flow of people or transport to the United Kingdom is affected, ”said the government after a Defense Council meeting France suspends from Sunday midnight and for 48 hours all travel of people from the United Kingdom, “including related to the transport of goods, by road, air, sea or rail,” said the government after a meeting […]

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