Coronavirus: 17 New Deaths this Weekend, Viral Circulation Remains “Sustained” in France

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17 new coronavirus deaths this weekend, viral circulation remains "sustained" in France

EPIDEMICThe number of Coronavirus Covid-19 patients in intensive care has nevertheless decreased in France

As every Monday now, the results of the weekend of the coronavirus epidemic have been communicated. Seventeen people have died from Covid-19 since Friday in French hospitals and the circulation of the virus remains “sustained”, said the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

It invites us to remain “mobilized” to avoid “a recovery”. “Viral circulation remains sustained in France” but “the latest epidemiological trends still show a slow deterioration”, explains the DGS.

More than 5,000 hospitalized patients

The total number of deaths from Covid-19 is therefore 30,209 people. Since the start of the epidemic, 19,693 people have died in hospitals and 10,516 in social and medico-social establishments (Ehpad). The next update of the figures for these establishments will take place on Tuesday.

In total, 5,655 people are currently hospitalized for a Covid-19 infection, including 398 in intensive care, or twelve less than on Friday.

224 active households

Since May 9th, 610 grouped cases (or “clusters”) have been detected but 386 are “closed”, notes the DGS. 224 outbreaks are therefore still active on July 27th, including 7 new ones detected. A “cluster” is defined by the occurrence of at least three confirmed or probable cases, within a period of seven days, which belong to the same community or have participated in the same gathering.

“It is up to us to resume certain good habits, certain common sense gestures and not to slack off, while remaining vigilant and cautious”, underlines the DGS. “The spread of the virus is slow and not very visible, especially in young adults with little symptoms”.

Vigilance in Quiberon

To stop an outbreak of Covid-19 cases, the beaches, parks and gardens of the Breton municipalities of Quiberon and Saint-Pierre Quiberon are now prohibited from access in the evening and at night. 54 cases were identified locally among a young audience who had participated in private parties or frequented bars.

Faced with a risk of epidemic resumption, the prefect of Gard has decided to make the wearing of a mask compulsory in the “hyper-city center” of Nîmes, where a festive event takes place every Thursday evening in summer.

The DGS calls on the French to get tested “if you have the slightest doubt or if you have been in contact with a carrier”, even without a prescription and “even if you are on vacation away from your home”.

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