Accidental drowning are increasing in France, and especially among the youngest.

Accidental Drowning is on the Rise, Especially Among the Youngest

The number of deaths by accidental drowning is increasing sharply in France and especially among under-13s, where the figures are exploding, as a study reveals. Details When the sunny days come and the hot weather, it is tempting to swim. But this is unfortunately not always safe … Nearly 600 people died by drowning *  in France between June 1 and […]

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Tobacco killed 75,000 people in France in 2015, which represents more than one in eight deaths, according to the latest official figures.

Tobacco is Responsible for One in Eight Deaths in France

According to the latest figures from Public Health France, published on Tuesday 28th May, 2019, tobacco consumption is declining, but the number of deaths is increasing. Cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases: Tobacco caused 75,000 deaths in France in 2015 , which represents more than one in eight deaths, according to the latest official figures, published Tuesday, May 28, 2019 […]

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The death toll increased by 7.3% on the roads of France in March 2019.

Road Fatalities up in March, for the Third Month in a Row

In March 2019, 250 people died on the road, an increase of 7.3% over last year, according to Road Safety figures. After two months of increases in  January and February, road mortality figures did not decline in March . According to preliminary estimates of the National Interministerial Observatory of Road Safety (ONISR) published Friday, April 19, 2019, 250 people died on […]

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All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April 1

All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April

The prefect of Morbihan announced that all degraded Speed Cameras will be repaired by April. There is urgency: unlike the rest of France, road mortality continues to increase in the department, and speed is more and more involved. By the month of April, the thirty radars of Morbihan will all be operational. Concerned by a new rise […]

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The heatwave of 2018 caused 1500 more deaths this summer

Heatwave 2018: About 1500 More Deaths this Summer

The heatwave of this summer caused 1500 more deaths compared to a normal summer. However, it’s ten times less than the 2003 heatwave. Details. The heat wave of summer 2018 caused about 1,500 more deaths than a normal summer, 10 times less than in the record of 2003, said Health Minister Agnès Buzyn on CNews Friday . “There was an excess of mortality […]

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The number of deaths on the roads of metropolitan France fell sharply in August (-15.5%) with 251 people killed, against 297 in the same month in 2017.

Road Safety: The Number of Deaths Decreases in August

On Thursday, Road Safety campaigners welcomed the sharp drop, for the 4th consecutive month, of the number of deaths on the roads of France. The number of dead on the roads of metropolitan France fell sharply in August (-15.5%) with 251 people killed, against 297 in the same month in 2017, announced Road Safety Thursday 13th September. ℹ️ […]

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France condems violence in the Gaza after the death of 55 Palestinians

Gaza. France Condemns “Violence” after the Death of 55 Palestinians

The Elysee Palace on Monday condemned the deadly clashes that took place on Monday at the Gaza border. At least 55 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army during protests against the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. France condemned Monday the “violence” in Gaza after the death of 55 Palestinians killed by the Israeli army during demonstrations and […]

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The carcass of the school bus involved in a collision with a regional train in Millas, near Perpignan, December 15, 2017

Collision Millas: Amount of Deaths increases to Five Dead

Five children were killed in the collision between a train and a bus in Millas Thursday, said the Pyrénées-Orientales prefecture. Five deaths have now to deplore in the accident between a car and a TER, which occurred Thursday, December 14 at Millas near Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales). The prefecture has given a new record on Friday at 2.30pm. [Communiqué de presse] 15 […]

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Forest fire in Portugal has left 62 dead

Forest Fires in Portugal: The toll was at Least 61 Dead, the Country Decreed Three Days of National Mourning

The country was hit Saturday by a heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in several regions … The victims, mostly, been trapped in their cars. A forest fire that suddenly redoubled in intensity resulted, according to the latest reports, at least 61 dead and sixty injured Saturday in the region of Leiria , in central Portugal , the government […]

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The death toll has now reached 20 victims from the stoms

Bad Weather in the Alpes-Maritimes. A 20th Victim in Cannes

The toll was 20 dead by Monday night in … The assessment of the bad weather that included severe flooding that devastated parts of the Riviera on Saturday amounted on Monday night with 20 dead, with the discovery of the body of a woman of 82 years, while the disappearance of two Germans was announced. […]

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