Six dead from the coronavirus in Italy

Coronavirus: Six Dead in Italy, Five Regions Affected

Three people died on Monday in northern Italy, bringing the number of deaths from the new Covid-19 coronavirus to six in the country. Three new deaths attributed to the new coronavirus have been recorded in Italy, authorities announced on Monday 24th February 2020. The first death announced was that of an 84-year-old man who contracted the virus while […]

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Residents, with a protective mask on their faces, are shopping in a supermarket in Casalpusterlengo, on February 23, 2020 in Italy.

Coronavirus: Three Deaths and Eleven Quarantined Cities in Italy

The North of Italy is preparing to live in days of anxiety and restrictions after a sudden and spectacular outbreak of cases of the new coronavirus. Venice Carnival stopped, 11 cities in quarantine for two weeks and three deaths: Northern Italy is preparing to live days of anxiety and restrictions after a sudden and spectacular outbreak of cases of […]

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A pharmacist wearing a protective mask serves a client, February 22, 2020 in Codogno, Italy.

Coronavirus: 11 Italian Cities under Quarantine, France is Preparing for a Possible “Epidemic”

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran considers “very likely” the possibility of new cases in France, while two people died from the coronavirus in Italy. Italy has become the first country in Europe to quarantine cities by isolating 11 municipalities to fight against the coronavirus. Read also: Coronavirus: a second death recorded in Italy France is also preparing for a […]

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People wait outside a Beijing pharmacy on February 15, 2020.

Coronavirus: The Global Death Toll Approaches 1,700 Dead, a 12th Confirmed Case in France

The death toll in China, linked to the coronavirus, approaches the threshold of 1,700 people. In France, the twelfth case of contamination has been confirmed. A twelfth case of coronavirus has been confirmed in France by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. British, this person was part of the group of people who had stayed in the chalet des Contamines-Montjoie, in […]

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Seasonal flu kills 34 people in mainland France

Seasonal Flu has Killed 34 People in Mainland France

While attention is focused this winter on the new coronavirus from China, the seasonal flu epidemic continues in mainland France. The flu continues in France and has now caused 34 deaths among the more than 400 serious cases recorded in intensive care. The health agency Public Health France notes, in its inventory published Wednesday, a moderate increase in […]

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The Chinese city of Wuhan, epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus: China Lowers Death Toll after ‘Duplicates’

After “duplicates”, a new accounting method was implemented in China in order to take stock of the coronavirus epidemic on a daily basis. China announced Friday 14th February 2020 has revised downward its assessment of the epidemic coronavirus, now 1380 dead, because of “duplicates” and after the adoption the eve of a new accounting method. The National Health […]

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Coronavirus Covid-19: the number of deaths and cases of infection explodes in China

Coronavirus Covid-19: The Number of Deaths and Cases of Infection Explodes in China

242 new deaths were recorded this Thursday 13th February 2020 in China. This is by far the heaviest figure in 24 hours since the coronavirus crisis started. The death toll and contaminations to the coronavirus knew Thursday 13th February 2020 a sharp increase in China after the adoption by the Chinese authorities of a new method of detecting cases. 242 new deaths […]

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Coronavirus: 1,000 dead, WHO fears further spread outside China

Coronavirus: 1,000 Dead, WHO Fears Further Spread Outside China

The toll of the coronavirus epidemic has passed the 1,000 death mark in China. According to the WHO, the number of transmissions of the virus outside the country could also increase. The toll of the epidemic of the new coronavirus crossed Tuesday 11th February 2020 the mark of 1,000 deaths, and for the WHO, which dispatched an expert mission to […]

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A man displays a "Stay Strong Wuhan" message in solidarity with the hometown of the new coronavirus epidemic in China during a ceremony celebrating the Lunar New Year on February 9, 2020 in New York.

Coronavirus: Death Toll Rises to 908 Dead in China and More than 40,000 Infected

According to the WHO, the number of contaminations of Coronavirus detected daily in China is “stabilizing”. The epidemic could peak in the coming weeks, before ebbing. The new coronavirus has killed 908 people in mainland China, where the number of people infected exceeds 40,000, according to the assessment established Monday 10th February 2020 by the authorities, confirming certain stability in the […]

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Flu epidemic affects almost all regions in mainland France, 22 people who have died since November

The Flu Epidemic Affects Almost all Regions in Mainland France, 22 People Have Died since November

The death toll is expected to increase in the coming weeks as the flu epidemic spreads further across France While the new Chinese coronavirus is occupying everyone’s mind, the flu epidemic is booming everywhere in France, except in Normandy, in the pre-epidemic phase. According to Public Health France, 22 people have died in France from seasonal flu since November, a toll which should […]

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