Ille-et-Vilaine: A Ferry Diverted to Cherbourg Because of a Strike Action in Saint-Malo

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A ferry diverted to Cherbourg because of a strike action in Saint-Malo

STRIKE ACTION: Around thirty dockers received their letter of dismissal in July from the company Saint-Malo Manutention (SMM) which will be liquidated without recovery.

A ferry connecting Portsmouth to Saint-Malo, carrying more than 500 people, mostly British, could not dock this Monday morning in the normal port of Saint-Malo because of strike action, we learned from the shipping company Brittany Ferries.

This morning, the ship “Bretagne”, which was due to arrive in Saint-Malo, could not dock due to a social movement on the part of the dockers,” Brittany Ferries communication department told AFP. Ferries, confirming information from the local press.

About thirty dismissed dockers

Brittany Ferries decided to divert the ship, “Bretagne” to Cherbourg where it arrived at 4 pm, according to the same source. Onboard were 549 passengers, all British except for two people, and 177 vehicles.

The 258 passengers of another boat, which was to make the connection from Saint-Malo to Portsmouth, finally left “mainly from the port of Caen”, with a departure around 4.30 pm, according to the same source.

Around thirty dockers received their dismissal letter at the beginning of the month after the decision, at the end of June, of the Saint-Brieuc commercial court to pronounce the liquidation without resumption of activity of the company Saint-Malo Manutention (SMM), which employed them.

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