Covid-19: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released from Hospital

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Boris Johnson has been released from hospital after suffering from Coronavirus Covid-19

While in hospital in an intensive care unit because of the Coronavirus Covid-19, Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister was released from the hospital on Sunday 12th April 2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has Coronavirus Covid-19, was released on Sunday 12th April 2020 from London hospital where he had been treated for a week and will continue to recover. He thus leaves to his government the management of the pandemic which has killed nearly 10,000 people in the United Kingdom.

The 55-year-old hospitalisation last Sunday, tested positive on March 27th, had caused an electric shock in the country, now one of the most affected in Europe by the new coronavirus.

“The Prime Minister has left hospital to continue his recovery at Checkers”, his residence in north-west London, said a spokesperson in a statement. “On the advice of his medical team, (he) will not immediately resume work.”

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The only head of government infected

The 55-year-old conservative leader was transferred to intensive care on Monday, from where he left on Thursday.

Boris Johnson is to date the only head of government of a great power to have been infected with the virus, replaced in his absence by the head of diplomacy, Dominic Raab.

He had made his first official statement Sunday morning since his hospitalization. “I can never thank enough” NHS staff, he said, adding, “I owe them my life.”

Almost 10,000 dead

With more than 900 dead recorded two days in a row in hospitals, not counting retirement homes, the United Kingdom is the country in Europe where Coronavirus Covid-19 is the deadliest today, while Italy and Spain are experiencing decreases.

At the time of the last assessment of the health authorities given Saturday, the country counted 9875 patients sick of Covid-19, died in the hospital.

Without Boris Johnson, still recovering, the United Kingdom government must decide in the coming days on a possible extension of the confinement, decreed on March 23 for three weeks initially.

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