Strike of December 10th: The SNCF Traffic Still Very Disrupted in Brittany

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SNCF is planning a traffic disrupted again in Brittany this Tuesday, December 10, 2019

With the new mobilisation expected against the pension reform, TGVs and TER will remain very disrupted this Tuesday 10th December in Brittany, announced the SNCF.

New week, but the same disturbances expected on SNCF traffic in BrittanyTuesday, December 10, day of new mobilisation against the pension reform, the SNCF provides for very limited traffic, as was the case for this Monday, last weekend and the end of last week.

In the region, only 5 TGV roundtrips and 3 TER out of 10 are planned.

5 round trip TGV

Tuesday, only 3 TGV round trips will circulate between Rennes and Paris, namely:

  • Rennes 7:03 am-Paris 8:47 am
  • Rennes 12h52-Paris 14h47
  • Rennes 18h35-Paris 20h04
  • Paris 14h14-Rennes 16h07
  • Paris 17h14-Rennes 19h07
  • Paris 7:14 pm – Rennes 9:07 pm

It takes 1 TGV round trip between Quimper and Pari:

  • Quimper 13h12-Rennes 15h35- Paris 17h04
  • Paris 6h57-Rennes 8h22-Quimper 10h36

Also 1 TGV round trip Brest-Paris:

  • Brest 14h17-Rennes 16h34- Paris 18h38
  • Paris 9h57-Rennes 11h25-Brest 13h39

3 out of 10 TERs

On average, the SNCF forecasts 3 TER out of 10 Tuesday. In total, 76 trains will circulate, namely:

  • 19 on the axis Rennes-Saint-Malo
  • 11 on the Rennes-Vitré-Laval axis
  • 10 on the axis Rennes-Saint-Brieuc
  • 8 on the Quimper-Lorient road
  • 8 on the axis Rennes-Redon
  • 6 on the axis Rennes-Châteaubriant
  • 6 on the Vanne-Lorient axis
  • 4 on the Rennes-Quimper axis
  • 4 on the Rennes-Brest axis

There will be no train in circulation between Rennes and Nantes, warns the SNCF.

It should be noted that 56 TER coaches will circulate:

  • 21 coaches on the Dol-Dinan axis
  • 11 coaches on the Quimper-Brest axis
  • 10 coaches on the Guingamp-Carhaix axis
  • 7 coaches on the Guingamp-Paimpol road
  • 7 coaches on the Saint-Brieuc-Lannion axis

The SCNF recommends “travellers who can to cancel or postpone their travel”.

Practical information:
Throughout the duration of the strike, SNCF invites travellers to favour other modes of travel or to postpone them. All information on  the website of SNCF  and  that of TER Bretagne . 

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