Brexit: Negotiations Between London and Brussels Stalled

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Brexit negotiations between London and Brussels stalled

EXIT: The European Union has given the UK government until the end of the week to present a satisfactory Brexit agreement

Three weeks ahead of Brexit, scheduled for October 31, tensions between the UK and the European Union continue to escalate, with Brussels accusing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of playing with the “future of Europe”.

The European Union has given the British government until the end of the week to present a satisfactory agreement to avoid the much-feared “no deal” scenario. But the two parties do not hide their pessimism. After a telephone conversation on Tuesday between Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel, a source at Downing Street has ruled an agreement “virtually impossible”.

For Brussels, Boris Johnson plays with “the future of Europe and the United Kingdom”

According to this source, the German Chancellor warned the head of the Conservative government that an agreement was “extremely improbable” for lack of new proposals from London providing for the retention of British Northern Ireland in the European Customs Union. What the UK refuses, its plan simply providing regulatory alignment, but not customs, with the neighbouring Republic of Ireland, member of the EU. This is to avoid the restoration of a physical border between the two Ireland and to preserve the peace on the island, after several decades of violence.

On Twitter, the President of the European Council, the Polish Donald Tusk, accused Boris Johnson of playing with “the future of Europe and the United Kingdom” by lending himself to a “stupid game of reproach” over the responsibilities of a failure of the negotiations.

“We remain open to finalizing a fair Brexit deal, but we need a UK government willing to work with the EU to get there,” said Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney on the same social network.

“Now we have to see something move on the side of the EU”

Tough negotiations continued Tuesday in Brussels to avoid a “no-deal” on October 31st, based on a project presented last Wednesday by Boris Johnson to try to end the puzzle of the Irish border. The British plan has been rejected by the Europeans as it stands. They refuse London’s right of veto to the North Irish assembly and executive and proposals for customs controls between Ireland and Ireland. “These discussions are reaching a critical point. The UK has taken a big step forward and now we have to see something move on the EU side, “said a British spokesman.

London had tried Monday to provide clarification. But according to a European source, “nothing has moved”. “At this rate, it is difficult to see how we could be ready for the European Council of 17th and 18th October,” said another source. Boris Johnson arrived at the post of Prime Minister at the end of July and pledged to release the UK from the EU at any cost on 31st October, despite a law requiring him to call a postponement if no agreement is reached. here on October 19th, right after this European summit presented as that of the last chance

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