UK Parliament rejects Brexit alternatives, making 'No Deal' almost inevitable

Brexit: Parliament Rejects Alternatives, an Exit Without Agreement “Almost Inevitable”

UNITED KINGDOM: According to the Brexit requirement of the European Parliament, “Wednesday is the last chance” to break the stalemate The United Kingdom on the brink. An exit from the EU “without agreement” Brexit became “almost inevitable,” said Tuesday the Brexit referent of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, on Twitter, just after the votes of British MPs . “On Wednesday, this is […]

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Theresa May suffers Brexit defeat in the House of Commons

Brexit: Theresa May Suffers Humiliating Defeat as MPs Reject Her Deal Again

BREXIT: The Brexit deal of Theresa May has been left in tatters, after another defeat in the House of Commons, 17 days before Uk is due to leave Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been left in tatters after it suffered a second resounding defeat in the Commons – just 17 days before the UK is […]

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