Paris traders affected by the bad weather

Tourism: Affected by the Weather, Traders are Suffering but Looking to the Future

BUSINESS: Record rains for a month are sinking tourist consumption in Paris For nearly a month, capricious weather has been beating down on Paris as on the entire northern part of the country, somewhat spoiling the holidays of the many tourists in the capital. This situation that does not help the business of traders who are […]

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Falling temperatures and storms are forecast for the weather in France

Storms, Falling Temperatures … Weather “Worthy of a Month of September” this Weekend

Rain and wind in the north, the sun still in the southeast (but a little less hot), and the risk of thunderstorms. The weather cocktail for the next few days is taking shape. While the southeast has suffered from the heat in recent days, the inhabitants of the north will be able to bring out the […]

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The weather in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes

Weather in Nice. Why the Drought Continues Despite the Rain and Thunderstorms

After a rainy and stormy extended weekend, the sun returns to Nice and the Côte d’Azur this week. Yes, but not for so long: the point with Meteo France You shouldn’t have come to the Côte d’Azur this Ascension weekend to look for the sun, to say the least. In Nice ( Alpes-Maritimes ) and at the Cannes Film Festival, it was […]

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France experienced 32 days without real rain, new historic record

Drought: France Experienced 32 Days Without Real Rain, New Historic Record

CLIMATE CHANGE: It is the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, according to Meteo France French soils are dying of thirst. Metropolitan France did not experience real rain for thirty-two days, the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, which should however be interrupted this Wednesday with the return of some precipitation, we learned from Meteo France. From January 21 to February 21, the aggregate […]

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15 departments are placed on orange vigilance for thunderstorms until Saturday, July 24 6am at least

Thunderstorms and Floods: Meteo France Places 17 Departments on Orange Alert

WEATHER ALERT: 15 departments have been placed by Meteo France on orange alert for thunderstorms and two others for flood risks until at least Saturday 24th July 2021. Strong storms, the winds violent, sometimes hail and lots of rain: this is what awaits this Friday 23rd July 2021 17 departments placed in an orange alert by Meteo France. 🔶17 […]

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The weather in Bordeaux will be cloudy

Weather in Bordeaux: The Sun is Hidden Behind the Clouds

WEATHER FORECAST: Today for the weather in Bordeaux, the sun will be hidden behind light clouds. Temperatures will be 6 ° C in the morning and 10 ° C in the afternoon … The sun will struggle to breakthrough in the middle of light clouds that will last over Bordeaux during the day. A northerly wind will refresh […]

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25.000 homes still without electricity due to Storm Bella

Storm Bella: Still 25,000 Homes Without Electricity

WEATHER: A previous report, established Sunday evening, reported 34,000 homes without current in the east and centre of the country due to Storm Bella About 25,000 homes were without electricity on Monday evening in central France and on the Atlantic coast, due to storm Bella . According to the manager of the electricity network Enedis, 15,000 Corréziens households were, in detail, […]

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Storm Bella is preparing to sweep over France

Storm Bella: Up to 18,000 Homes Without Electricity in Brittany, Normandy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais

STORM: 6,600 in Brittany, 6,000 in Normandy. And 6,000 others in Nord-Pas-de-Calais where power has since been restored after damage from storm Bella A little more than 12,000 homes were deprived of electricity on Sunday morning in Brittany and Normandy and up to 6,000 were in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, following the passage of storm Bella, […]

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Seven departments placed on Orange Alert for Storm Bella

Weather: Seven Departments Placed on Orange Alert Because of Storm Bella

WEATHER: The effects of storm Bella are expected to completely dissipate from Tuesday Strong winds will blow this Sunday during the day in the north-west then in the evening from the south-west to the north-east because of the storm Bella which rages on the British Isles and spills over into France, Meteo France announces . Finistère and Manche have been placed on […]

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Storm Bella hit Porthcawl, Britain December 26, 2020

Weather: Storm Bella Brings Heavy Snow, Rain and Strong Winds to Northern France

STORM: Meteo France has placed Finistère and Manche in orange alert for “violent winds” caused by Storm Bella Be careful, the snow will fall hard in the north of France on Sunday and Monday. Blame it on the Bella storm which hit France from Saturday evening. The departments of Finistère and Manche have been placed on orange vigilance “violent winds”, with […]

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