The forecast map for this Sunday, January 27 mid-morning, according to the US model GFS.

Weather: A Gust of Wind will Hit the West Sunday Morning

A strong depression will come to us from the North Atlantic this weekend. Centered on Ireland and Scotland on Saturday afternoon, it will shift to the North Sea on Sunday morning, generating northwesterly winds of 35 to 45 knots – with gusts at 100 km/h. A dog’s blow. In other words, a season time. The anticyclone stationed on […]

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Heavy rain is expected in the night from Sunday to Monday across Alpes-Maritime and Corsica, placing them on Orange Alert by Meteo France ...

Weather: Alpes-Maritimes and Corsica Placed on Orange Alert

WEATHER: Heavy rain is expected in the night from Sunday to Monday across Alpes-Maritime and Corsica, placing them on Orange Alert by Meteo France … The elements will be unleashed in the south of the country. Meteo-France has placed the Alpes-Maritimes in orange alert  and the Corsica where heavy rain storms are expected in the night from Sunday to Monday. “They can be […]

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A windy and Rainy day is forecast for the Sarthe

Weather in Sarthe: On Sunday, Expect a Rainy Day

The weather is rainy at sunrise in Sarthe this Sunday 23rd September, 2018. The weather is rainy at dawn in the northern part of France and the Sarthe does not escape this bad climate , this Sunday, September 23, 2018. The rain will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind with gusts in several towns of Sarthe. The temperatures will still me reasonably mildranging between 17 and 21 degrees . The return of the sun is forecast for […]

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Seven departments are on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: Seven Departments of the West Remain on Orange Alert, this Monday Morning

This Monday 2nd July, 2018, seven departments of the West of France are still on orange alert for thunderstorms, severe rain and floods. Météo France has updated its national vigilance bulletin , this Monday, July 2, at 6 am. Seven departments in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire remain on orange alert while a rainy and stormy episode is […]

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48 departments have been placed on orange alert for storms

Storms Return: Orange Alert Extended to 48 Departments

This Sunday, Meteo France has placed 48 departments from Brittany to the Alps, not passing Aquitaine, in orange alert because of a new stormy episode. The lull will have been short-lived. Thunderstorms are back this Sunday, June 3 and Météo France has placed  48 departments in orange alert. Vigilance will be required from mid-day until the end of the […]

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Meteo France places 11 departments on Orange Alert

Severe Thunderstorms and Rain: Still 11 Departments on Orange Alert

In its last bulletin, Meteo France has kept 11 departments in orange alert for storms and rain. The alert is valid until the next night. Details. Eleven departments of the West are still this Saturday evening in orange vigil for violent storms with a risk of strong hail and strong gusts of wind , according to Météo-France. The alert is valid until […]

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Weather in Charente: Return of the Rain ?

WEATHER FORECAST: Rain was forecast yesterday for the Charente department, but it never arrived.  Today, Meteo France forecasts rain once again throughout the day … Meteo France had forecast rain yesterday for the Charente department, but it was the sun that dominated despite the appearance of grey clouds in the early evening. Today it seems like […]

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The rain will cover Toulouse and the Occitanie region all weekend, Saturday, March 24, 2018 and Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Weather in Toulouse and Occitanie: A wet Weekend

Saturday 24th March and Sunday 25th March, 2018, the rain has not decided to leave the skies of Toulouse and the Occitanie region. Showers are expected all weekend. We passed well in the spring on March 20, 2018 … however, the temperatures will remain cool and the rain is not decided to unhook the sky of Toulouse and Occitanie . On Saturday 24th and Sunday […]

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The weather in Normandy for Wednesday is forecast to rain with thunderstorms

Weather in Normandy: Rain and Thunderstorms

WEATHER FORECAST: Another hectic day according to Meteo France announcing rain showers for Normandy in the first half of the morning, in continuation of those of the night Another hectic day for Normandy according to the latest forecast from Meteo France announcing rain showers in the first half of the morning, in continuation of those of the night, then also a risk […]

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29 departments placed on Orange alert

Weather: Twenty Nine Departments on Orange Alert for “Rain, Floods and Avalanche,” the Doubs and Jura are on Red Alert

RAIN: The weather orange alert runs from north to the Alps and the South West … Twenty-nine departments are orange alert this Monday for rain, floods and avalanches, due to a disturbance stretching North to the Alps and the South West, said Meteo France. The Doubs (26) Jura (39) were placed on red alert for […]

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