DS3 Crossback: The Little Luxury SUV!

Boasting an original style, the DS3 Crossback does not go unnoticed

The DS brand was created to embody French luxury. If the DS3 Crossback is a very compact SUV, it exudes a certain chic translated by a tariff that starts at 23 900 €!

4.12 m long, the DS3 Crossback is built on the same platform that will serve the future Peugeot 208, with a wheelbase of 2.56 m but with a very wide body (1.79 m) perched on large wheels that give it its SUV look and above all an important ground clearance essential to move in hollow roads, or rather climb a sidewalk or cross without fear multiple slowdowns agglomeration.

Boasting an original style, it does not go unnoticed, especially in profile thanks to the famous “shark fin” going back to the central pillar between the two doors, already seen with the DS3. A strange design that has the disadvantage of removing light and visibility to the rear passengers. On the other hand, the recessed door handles that release when unlocking are really classy.

A plush interior

The interior of the DS3 Crossback has a warm and neat atmosphere
The interior of the DS3 Crossback has a warm and neat atmosphere … (© Philippe Lacroix)

This is an impression that we find as soon as we enter the cabin. The latter exudes a warm and neat atmosphere, highlighted by the design of the black lacquered checkerboard dressing the centre of the dashboard. It incorporates air vents and touch control areas allowing direct access to key functions such as navigation, air conditioning, audio or the phone.

A much faster solution for the driver than scrolling on the large touch screen intelligently located at the top of the dashboard. At the foot of the console, there are rows of diamond rockers (as on the 7 Crossback) serving, among other things, the opening of the windows, the locking of the doors and the electric handbrake, all framing the now traditional PSA lever of the automatic gearbox.

Notorious comfort

Installing behind the multifunction leather steering wheel is a pleasure, discovering behind it digital instrumentation that can be supplemented, optionally, by a head-up display system. The slightly dominant driving position is excellent and the high-density foam seats are particularly comfortable. The space at the back is adequate but its access is penalized by a narrow opening because of the large wheel arches.

Too bad the tailgate has no electric opening and the loading threshold is relatively high. The trunk volume of 350 litres is honest but it hosts a spare tire in series (except with the engines 1 litre and electric). It is also adjustable up to 1,050 litres by folding the rear seat in two parts 60/40.

Petrol and Diesel while waiting for the electric

Under the hood, the DS3 Crossback has five engines, the 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo petrol gasoline conjugate in 100, 130 and 155 hp and the 4 cylinder 1.5 turbo diesel 100 and 130 hp pending the 100% electric version expected early 2020. The 100 ch are coupled to a 6-speed gearbox, the others to an automatic 8-speed Aisin. It can be seen that the latter is becoming widespread, for good reason, since its reactivity gives full satisfaction and brings extra comfort and security.

Plus, it offers a better-balanced gearbox. This is what she demonstrated with the 155 hp, during our test, signing a beautiful tone to evolve on winding roads, perfectly supported by the suspensions that allow it to turn flat, without sacrificing flexibility to address the speed bumps. Also, note well-done soundproofing.

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