Fuel: compensation of 100 euros may be requested from January 16

Fuel: Compensation of 100 Euros may be Requested from 16th January

BOOST: The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced in early December the replacement of the rebate on fuel by an indemnity of 100 euros reserved for the 10 million most modest workers. From the 16th of January, beneficiaries of the new fuel allowance of 100 euros, replacing the general rebate which ended on the 31st of December, will […]

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The Renault Twingo E-Tech can boast of great performance. (

Car test: Renault Twingo E-Tech, Low-Cost Electric Car

AUTO: The electric Renault Twingo costs more than the Dacia Spring but even if it offers less autonomy, its services are better. When looking for the cheapest electric car, it is impossible not to approach the Dacia Spring. Now offered at €20,800 at the entry-level, the little Romanian remains the least expensive electric vehicle on the current […]

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Petrol, Electricity, Hydrogen… Madic’s “Energy Mix” to Supply the French Car Fleet

CONSUMPTION: Manufacturer of petrol pumps, electric and hydrogen charging stations, the Madic group is preparing to supply an energy mix for the vehicles of tomorrow After half a century of activity in the oil industry, the Madic group is preparing for the energy transition with the production of a range of charging stations for electric vehicles […]

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Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery

TECHNOLOGY: The engineers of the two groups will work on the creation of a new generation of batteries which will be able to double the density of stored energy by 2030 Airbus and Renault have just signed an agreement to develop the battery of the future Their engineers will work together to double the energy […]

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The Volvo EX90 will have a Lidar on the roof

The New Volvo EX90 has Eyes in the Roof

AUTO: A resolutely Scandinavian approach by Volvo to design that marvellously combines line and function. Volvo’s new large SUV, which will be unveiled on November 9, holds many secrets. Designers and engineers have indeed worked together not to distort the line while making the car incredibly technological. The best example is probably LIDAR, a detection system that uses a laser to […]

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Electric car sales doubled in Europe in 2020

Automotive: Electric Car Sales Doubled in Europe in 2020

TRANSPORT: The European market has been cut by a quarter of its sales by the health crisis, but sales of hybrid and electric vehicles have exceeded sales of diesel in Europe A good year for the automobile. Sales of electric vehicles doubled in Europe in 2020, while sales of plug-in hybrids tripled, topping a total of one million vehicles sold, according […]

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Aptera is launching a lightweight 3 wheel electric car

Aptera: The Electric Car with… Infinite Autonomy!

AUTO: Aptera launches a 100% electric car capable of driving without ever having to recharge. Its secret? Solar panels on the roof and exceptional aerodynamics A small American manufacturer is therefore launching this first three-wheel electric vehicle, characterized by a record aerodynamic coefficient: 0.13, which is even less than the mirrors of a pick-up! Thanks to this and to a weight […]

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The MG EHS, a plugin Hybrid SUV

MG Breaks Prices Again with its Plugin Hybrid SUV

AUTO: After a 100% electric SUV, the Chinese brand MG now offers the second SUV in France. Rather livable and offered with a powerful plugin hybrid engine, this EHS will not exceed the bar of 35,000 €. Behind the well-known English badge, it is now the Chinese group SAIC that we find. MG recently returned to the Old Continent […]

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The Ford Puma is now offered in an automatic gearbox version and in a Diesel version.

Auto Test: The Ford Puma Now in Auto and Diesel Gearbox Versions

To complete the range of the Puma, already provided with petrol and light hybridization, Ford equips it with a 120 hp Diesel and an automatic transmission on a 125 hp petrol engine … non-hybrid. The return of the Puma to the Ford sphere in 2020 was an immediate success. It owes it first to its style of small stocky SUV of 4.19 m, its […]

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Orlando Bloom sets his sights on vintage 1973 green Porsche worth $115,000

Orlando Bloom Sets His Sights on Vintage 1973 Green Porsche Worth $115,000 After Welcoming New Puppy

Orlando Bloom seems to have set his sights on a new car – a vintage 1973 green Porsche worth $115,000 (around £87,000). The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 43, was spotted checking out the retro ride in a local garage in Montecito, Califronia. Hopping from one Porsche to the other, Orlando was seen braving the […]

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