Accident in Pontoise

Val d’Oise: In Pontoise, Car Ends on the Terrace of a Restaurant

Presumably because of a bad manoeuvre, the driver of a car without a license lost control of his vehicle in Pontoise, Saturday 18th May, around 5pm, without doing any injury. “I think the person had to be wrong pedals,” says Jérémie Hamel, one of the witnesses present at the time of the facts.” He shared a snapshot […]

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Near Angers, a five year old has been killed in a car accident

Near Angers: A Five Year Old Killed in a Car Accident

A dramatic traffic accident occurred on Monday 30th April, at approximately 6.30pm in the town of Cantenay-Épinard, north of Angers (Maine-et-Loire). A five-year-old died as a result of the accident. The balance of the accident that occurred Monday, shortly before 6.30pm, near Angers, and whose circumstances are unknown, is very heavy. A five-year-old child died, a nine-year-old […]

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Two brothers died and the third is slightly injured in Road accident at Moselle

Moselle: Two Brothers Killed in a Violent Road Accident, the Third Wounded

Two people were killed in an accident in Havange (Moselle) on Sunday morning. These are two brothers. The third is slightly injured. It’s a whole bereaved family. Sunday morning in Havange (Moselle), near Thionville , a car left the road to finish its race in a tree. The driver and the passenger are dead. A third person managed to survive. The tragedy of […]

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Firefighters rescued a motorist trapped in his car fell into a lake in Lorient

Lorient: He Reversed his Car and ended up in the Lake

The car of a 87-year motorist fell on Tuesday, October 17th in a lake in Lorient (Morbihan). The driver was in reverse gear. On Tuesday 17th October, around 10 am, a motorist came to rest in the lake Ter in Lorient (Morbihan). The accident occurred at the Boulevard Emile Guillerot. By doing a reverse The car fell into […]

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A car accident in Chateaubriant caused 4 minor injuries

Collision between Two Cars in Chateaubriant, 4 Minor Injuries

This Friday, September 2, at 16 h 45, a collision between two cars occurred on the Boulevard of the Republic up to the roundabout junction of the Armand-Franco street. Four people were slightly injured. There has been a collision between two cars, on Friday, September 2, at a roundabout in  the centre of Chateaubriant. The accident […]

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Two drivers were seriously injured in head on Collision near Vitre

Vitre: At Torcé, Two Seriously Injured after a head-on Collision

Monday, a collision involving two cars on the main road D777 near Torcé, Vitre. Both drivers were seriously injured. On Monday, around 5.35am, an accident occurred on the main road, the D777, at the place called La Petite Fresnais in Torcé, near Vitre. For some reason, two cars hit head on. Driving a Citroen C3 […]

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Two bodies recovered from the car that went into the Loire at Saumur

Maine-et-Loire: A car fell into the Loire, a Grandmother and her Grandson, Die

A vehicle disappeared into the river, at Saumur, late Wednesday afternoon … The accident took place on Wednesday at 4pm on a dock in the town of Saumur (Maine-et-Loire). For some reason, a car that was on the quayside fell to the water, report Ouest-France and the Courrier du Ouest.  A witness said that they had seen […]

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Three young men seriously injured after car accident in Rennes

Rennes. Ejected from the Car, Three Young People Seriously Injured

The accident occurred this Friday, February 26, shortly before 6 pm, Boulevard d’Armorique in Rennes. At around 5.55am this morning, firefighters were called to an accident at boulevard d’Armorique in Rennes.   Four young men in Car For some reason, the vehicle travelling in the direction of l’avenue de Rochester, with four young men aged between 22 and […]

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Baby survives Car Accident

Nantes: Ejected From the Car During an Accident, the Baby Miraculously Survives

The mother, who was driving, lost control of her vehicle in Orvault … He was found near a slope, in a field, without injury.  A three month old baby was ejected from a car, after his mother, driving, lost control of her vehicle, police said.  The 33 year old woman hit a tree, after slipping […]

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