Weekend Weather in Lorient: Summer Saturday, Cloudy Sunday

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Lorient will return to summer temperatures, Saturday, June 1st

WEEKEND WEATHER: The Summer weather continues on Saturday, in and around Lorient, but starts to go cloudy on Sunday

The weekend weather forecast for Lorient and the surrounding area is for the summer weather to continue will plenty of sun on Saturday.  On Sunday, the anticyclone retreats to the east, generating the return of a cooler western flow on Sunday 2nd June, 2019, although it still should be quite pleasant.

Saturday 1st June 2019

The area in and around Lorient will experience a beautiful morning under a clear sky with discreet and beautiful filaments of very high altitude under a rapid and sharp rise in temperatures. Great sun and summer feeling at midday. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent Groix and beaches in the land of Plouay via Lorient, is accompanied by a beautiful summer sensation. The direction of flow to the south in the late afternoon could generate low clouds on the coast.

Wind southeast very weak in the morning, weak in the afternoon turning to south / southeast in the late afternoon, mostly weak. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plage: beautiful sea.

As for the temperatures, it shouls be a Min: 12 / 13 degrees; max: 24 / 25 degrees;(from 11 / 12 degrees to 25/ 26 degrees north of “Gestel–Lanester-Kervignac”). Bright sky in the evening with high altitude clouds (possible mists on the coast); 20 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.

Sunday 2nd June, 2019

Veiled at dawn, the sky quickly dulls in the morning with a cloud cover of medium altitude. At midday, the sky remains cloudy to very cloudy, without precipitation. In the afternoon, the slowly crossing the Brittany continues to generate a cloudy overcast sky, with rare bright breakthroughs and rare ripples.

Wind southwest very weak in the morning, weak at midday and early afternoon, then moderately cool late in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plage: beautiful sea. Min: 13 / 14 degrees; max: 19 / 20 degrees (from 12 / 13 degrees to 20/21 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Overcast in the evening with few rain showers; 17 degrees at 8pm and 14 degrees at midnight.

Five days above 21 degrees

On the 31 days of May, only five exceeded the threshold of 21 degrees, for a maximum of 22.9 degrees on Thursday 23rd. In contrast, five maxi have not reached the threshold of 15 degrees of which 13.3 ° and 13.7 °; 4 and 5 with parallel frost at -0.9 ° to -0.4 °. More generally, 26 maxi (84% of the cases) did not cross the 18 degrees.

In parallel, only eleven days experienced a generous sun, only 35% of days. The feeling of autumn is even more present this year that 2018 had generated 20 maximum exceeding 21 °, ten to more than 24 °.

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