Weather: The Heat Will Start to Grill the Cantal

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No clouds and no wind today in the Cantal.

A new day of heat, with today, with temperatures of nearly 35 ° C expected in the department of Cantal

Hello everyone, it is Wednesday 26th June 2019 and it is going to be a hot day today according to the latest weather forecast for the Cantal department.

More than 30 ° C today

Get ready to sweat! The thermometer will begin to reach high temperatures today, averaging 35 ° C, more than 10 ° C above seasonal norms.

In the morning , the 29 ° C will soon be reached for Cantal, before continuing to climb.

The heat wave has officially arrived in Cantal
The heat wave has officially arrived in Cantal (© Météo France)

In the afternoon, the average temperatures will reach 35 ° C , with peaks at 37 ° C in Laroquebrou and Maurs, and even 38 ° C in Champs-sur-Tarentaine-Marchal.

The wind will be much more discreet, increasing the feeling of heat.

The night will also be quite hot, with 24 ° C expected.

Good luck and good day to all!

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