Laval Bypass. The Bumpy Road will be Redone

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Laval Bypass will be redone
Laval Bypass will be redone
The Road shakes cars and becomes slippery in wet weather, bumpy portion of the ring road will be redone. | Nedelec Guillaume

Renovated in March, the section of the ring road between Bonchamp-lès-Laval and Thévalles area is bumpy. Consequence: the road will be redone from August 18.

It has become a nightmare for users of the bypass between Laval Bonchamp-lès-Laval and Thévalles.  Since its renovation in March, the road is bumpy, causing unpleasant vibrations for drivers with many complaints.

The try and resolve the problems, the section will be redone, between Tuesday 18 and Friday, August 21.  Work that will cause significant traffic changes.

Deviation of the route
Deviation of the Route edonewhile work on Bypass is r

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