Donald Trump Evokes the Possibility of a Short War Against Iran

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Donald Trump evokes the possibility of a short war against Iran

Donald Trump spoke of the possibility of a war against Tehran “that would not last very long,” taking the opposite of his counterpart Iran.

Donald Trump spoke of the possibility of a war against Tehran “that would not last very long”, taking the opposite of his counterpart Iran, which seemed to play appeasement.

The US president assured Wednesday not to hope for such a conflict, but these statements sound like a new warning to Iran.

“We are in a very strong position, and it would not last very long, I can tell you. (…) And I’m not talking about ground troops, “Trump told Fox Business Network.

“Stupid” and “selfish”

A little later, he said Iranian leaders would be “stupid” and “selfish” not to seek an agreement to relieve US sanctions.

“Iran can do what it wants, I do not care, I have plenty of time. But their country is in economic distress (…) Their leaders should take care of the population, “he said.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani assured his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron by telephone that his country was seeking “war with no country”, not even the United States, according to the official Irna news agency.

Rohani spoke in the Council of Ministers about the Iranian nuclear deal, reached with six major powers in 2015 in Vienna and threatened since the United States unilaterally came out in May 2018.


“I tell the Americans: you have chosen the wrong way. I say this to the Europeans: you are wrong with your inaction, “he said,” and I tell them (everyone) to return to their oath and their commitments. “

European members of the UN Security Council issued a joint statement Wednesday criticizing the behaviour of the United States and Iran over the 2015 agreement.

According to Irna, Mr Rohani also warned Mr Macron that his country could be even more free from the commitments made in Vienna if the Europeans did not fulfill their “promises … to guarantee the economic interests of the country. Iran “.

Donald Trump evokes the possibility of a short war against Iran
President Hassan Rohani at a meeting in Tehran on June 25, 2019. (© Iranian presidency / AFP / HO)

“Nothing to wait for”

In a note issued on Tuesday, Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary general of the Supreme National Security Council, writes that Tehran will “resolutely” implement the second phase of its “reduction plan” of its nuclear commitments by the 7th July.

In other words, Iran would begin to enrich uranium to a degree prohibited by the Vienna Agreement (the limit is set at 3.67%) and restart its project to build a heavy water reactor. in Arak (centre), put to sleep.

Through this agreement, Iran has pledged to never seek to acquire the nuclear weapon and to strongly limit its nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of international sanctions asphyxiating its economy.

But Donald Trump, who accuses Tehran of seeking the atomic weapon and being responsible for all the ills of the Middle East, has engaged his country in a campaign of “maximum pressure” on Iran. In particular, it has been imposing extraterritorial sanctions since August 2018.

In response, Tehran announced on May 8 that it ceased to feel bound by the 2015 limits for its enriched uranium and heavy water reserves.

A serious mistake for France

Tehran has also given the other states of the pact (Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Russia) until July 7 to help it bypass US sanctions, otherwise Iran would move to the second phase of its “Reduction plan” of its commitments.

Tehran has already indicated that its reserves of (slightly) enriched uranium should exceed the limit of 300 kg Thursday.

This may lead the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to note, for the first time since the entry into force of the agreement, Iran’s breach of its commitments.

Paris ruled on Tuesday that such an “Iranian violation” would be “a serious mistake”.

Presidents Donald Trump and Frenchman Emmanuel Macron, June 6, 2019 in Caen (France).
Presidents Donald Trump and Frenchman Emmanuel Macron, June 6, 2019 in Caen (France). (© POOL / AFP / Archives / MARIN ludovic)

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