Fire of Notre-Dame: The Great Organ Saved, But in Danger, According to one of the Organists

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Fire of Notre-Dame great organ is saved

For Philippe Lefèvre, one of the titular organists of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, the great organ was spared by the fire, but it remains under threat. Details.

The great organ of Notre-Dame “was not burned” in the fire that ravaged the building , but its structure could suffer damage inflicted by the disaster , told AFP one of the three organists holders of the cathedral.

The instrument, renovated over the centuries but whose main structure dates from the early fifteenth century, “is partly preserved, but it is covered by rubble , dust and water,” said Philippe Lefèvre, who has been playing for 35 years at Notre-Dame.

The small organ damaged by fire

“In the coming months, all this will dry and may cause structural problems,” was excited this septuagenarian questioned in Montreal, the village of Aude where he resides when he is not in Paris.

“We hope that it will remain stable, and that as soon as possible it will be sheltered,” he added, noting that the instrument was one of the largest in Europe.

“The little organ that was under the spire was damaged by fire,” he said.

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“Notre-Dame is still standing”

He expressed his “dread” in view of the destruction inflicted on the cathedral, where he was Wednesday to play for the Chrism Mass, celebrated during Holy Week.

“But the worst has been avoided, Notre-Dame is still standing, and what is comforting is the unanimous reaction of the whole world,” he tried to reassure himself, noting that “Notre-Dame lives with the lives of people for centuries “.

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