Notre-Dame: “The Fire is Totally Extinguished”, Announce Firefighters

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Firefighters in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 16, 2019.

After 16 hours fighting against the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, firefighters have managed to control it completely, they said Tuesday 16th April, 2019.

The fire which declared Monday, April 15, 2019 at the end of the day and ravaged part of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris is totally “extinguished”, announced Tuesday shortly before 10am the spokesman for firefighters.

“The whole fire is off. The phase is now expertise and that is why a group of experts examines all the structures to form the phases that will follow, namely consolidation, “said Gabriel Plus, the spokesperson of the fire brigade of Paris at a press point in front of Notre Dame, stating that the “violent fire” had “spread very quickly on the entire roof” on “about 1000 square meters”.

Saving the two belfries

“It was for the firefighters of Paris until this morning to preserve the two belfries, North and South, to be sure that the towers are not affected. This is the case, he was satisfied, rejoicing in the preservation of the two belfries, the two towers and the works.

It is now a matter of monitoring structures, their movement and “extinguishing residual foci,” he explained.

He also said that “part of the vault [had] collapsed in the central nave” and that 100 firefighters “are still engaged and will remain so all day”.

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