A Collection Launched for the Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

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A collection launched for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame

The Heritage Foundation has launched a national collection for the reconstruction of the Paris Cathedral.

For Notre-Dame to rise from the ashes. Just hours after the beginning of the fire that ravaged the cathedral, the Heritage Foundation launched a national collection for the rebuilding of the religious building. 

Stéphane Bern, at the head of the heritage safeguarding mission, reacted.

If you would like to donate to the cathedral, you can do so on the Heritage Foundation website

Decades of work

It is still too early to estimate the necessary costs, but specialists speak of years, even decades of restoration, to restore this symbol of the French capital.

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Emmanuel Macron assured that Notre-Dame will be “rebuilt”. For the moment, the Pinault family has donated 100 million euros via its investment company Artémis and the Arnault family and its LVMH group have donated 200 million euros.

The Île-de-France region has for its part released 10 million euros of emergency.

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