Brexit: Parliament Rejects Alternatives, an Exit Without Agreement “Almost Inevitable”

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UK Parliament rejects Brexit alternatives, making 'No Deal' almost inevitable

UNITED KINGDOM: According to the Brexit requirement of the European Parliament, “Wednesday is the last chance” to break the stalemate

The United Kingdom on the brink. An exit from the EU “without agreement” Brexit became “almost inevitable,” said Tuesday the Brexit referent of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, on Twitter, just after the votes of British MPs . “On Wednesday, this is the last chance for the United Kingdom to break the deadlock or face the abyss,” said Belgian Liberal MEP Verhofstadt.

British MPs voted Monday evening against the four alternative options to the Brexit agreement reached by Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels. After rejecting May’s agreement three times , and voting against eight parliamentary proposals last week to try to break the stalemate, elected officials rejected the new private-initiative options presented to them.

The Norway + model rejected

Among the solutions proposed were the two that received the most votes on Wednesday, namely the organization of a referendum on any divorce agreement with Brussels and the establishment of a customs union with the EU.

A third option was to stop the Brexit process if there was no agreement two days before the release date, which was postponed to 12 April. Finally, the proposal for a “Norway +” model, also known as “Common Market 2.0”, called for the United Kingdom to remain in the single market, synonymous with the free movement of goods, capital, services and services. Norway, as well as a specific customs union with the EU, a common customs and trade

A 4th vote on the May agreement?

Parliament “once again failed to find a clear majority for each of the options” presented, responded Brexit Secretary of State Stephen Barclay. “The default legal position is that the UK will leave the EU in eleven days” without agreement, he added. The author of the “Norway +” proposal, Conservative Nick Boles immediately announced that he was leaving the Conservative Party.

“I have given everything to try to find a compromise that could lead the country out of the EU while maintaining our economic strength and our political cohesion,” he said visibly very moved. “I accept that I failed. I failed mainly because my party refuses the compromise, “he accused. Theresa May, for her part, has not ruled out a fourth time to vote her divorce agreement.

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