Yellow Vests: Nearly 400 Demonstrators March on Saint-Brieuc

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Nearly 400 yellow vests march in Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are resolved to demonstrate in downtown Saint-Brieuc this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 and to defy the ban issued by the prefect.

At the call of Yellow Vests , about 400 demonstrators gathered this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 in the early afternoon at the roundabout Brézillet. Around 2pm, they began a march towards the center of Saint-Brieuc ( Côtes-d’Armor ), despite the prefectural prohibition.

What was supposed to be a regional gathering seems to be limited to a half-toned act. Other events have been announced throughout Brittany , such as Brest, Vannes or Quimper . Nothing to do so with a 12th January bis.

As usual, the group of protesters is highly variegated. We recognise activists and leaders of the movement of the first hour, Breton flags that float in the middle of vests, some strong heads who are not afraid to fight but also families with their children and retired couples.

Not the Langueux area

The walk took the direction of downtown Saint-Brieuc around 2pm and could end at the end of the day at the Park Promenades. A spokeswoman of the Yellow Vests affirms it in any case:

“There is no question of setting foot on the Langueux commercial area today!”

Police forces are mobilised in large numbers to contain this unauthorised event and any overflowing. Several CRS buses parked between boulevard Clemenceau and rue Abbé-Garnier, near the SNCF bridge, block their way.

The procession borrows from the blows of 3pm cross roads to reach the street of Gouédic and still try to access the city center.

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