The yellow vests will try this Saturday 4th May, 2019, to relaunch their mobilisation for act 25, after being down for two consecutive weekends.

After May 1st, the Mobilisation of the Yellow Vests Looks more Calm

The yellow vests will try this Saturday 4th May, 2019, to relaunch their mobilisation for act 25, after being down for two consecutive weekends. Since act 22, mid-April, the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, challenged by the “yellow vests”, show a decline in the number of protesters who beat the pavement every Saturday. […]

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Nearly 400 yellow vests march in Saint-Brieuc

Yellow Vests: Nearly 400 Demonstrators March on Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are resolved to demonstrate in downtown Saint-Brieuc this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 and to defy the ban issued by the prefect. At the call of Yellow Vests , about 400 demonstrators gathered this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 in the early afternoon at the roundabout Brézillet. Around 2pm, they began a march towards the center of Saint-Brieuc ( Côtes-d’Armor ), […]

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Chaffoured between "yellow vests" and police on 23 February 2019 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: Tensions in Rennes and Clermont-Ferrand During Act 15

The Yellow Vests once again on the streets for their act 15, hoping to stem the decline of their mobilisation for a month, with rallies in Paris and throughout France “We are not tired”: Yellow Vests , whose mobilization has been down for a month, reinvested the street Saturday, February 23 for their “act 15”, with demonstrations […]

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Festive atmosphere, far removed from the spirit of protest and claims of previous weeks.

Callac: A Pair of Yellow Vests are Getting Married … All In Yellow

If for some, the love is in the meadow, in Callac, it blooms rather at the roundabout of Kerguiniou, strategic meeting place of the Yellow Vests since the beginning of the movement. In full mobilisation of yellow vests , this couple showed that beautiful things could also be born of the movement. Bertrand Rocheron and Soizic Dellès, engaged […]

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Protester seriously inkured in yellow vests protest in Paris

Yellow Vests Act XIII: A Demonstrator Seriously Injured in Paris

A protester was seriously wounded in Act XIII of the yellow vests in Paris. His hand was torn off as the procession was in front of the National Assembly. The Yellow Vests have begun their act XIII  Saturday 9th February, 2018. According to the first figures given by the Ministry of the Interior, 12 100 demonstrators were gathered at 2pm […]

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Yellow Vests act 13, what to expect this Saturday

Yellow Vests “Act 13”: What to Expect this Saturday

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests will again beat the pavement for the occasion of  “act 13” of their mobilisation This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests will again beat the pavement for the occasion of  “act 13” of their mobilisation. On February 5th, they were 58,600 throughout the country, according to the Interior Ministry. Figures […]

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The mobilization of yellow vests was less important this Saturday, January 26 in Seine-Maritime.

Act XI Yellow Vests: A Dozen Wounded and 20 Arrests in Seine-Maritime

Saturday 26th January marked the 11th day of mobilisation by Yellow Vests. If the participation seems to decline, incidents have come enamelled parades in Seine-Maritime. The  Yellow Vests themselves were expected: the mobilisation was less strong, Saturday 26th January, 2019, for the act XI of their movement. In particular, a major event organised in Evreux , Eure, which mobilised elsewhere. Meetings also in Dieppe and […]

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Toulouse broke a new record for Act X with 10,000 yellow vests protesters.

Act X Yellow Vests: With 10,000 Protesters, Toulouse beats a MobiliSation Record

Act X Yellow Vests in Toulouse brought together 10,000 protesters, Saturday 19th January, according to the public authorities. A record … for a day that has degenerated in the city centre. New Saturday tensions in the city centre of Toulouse, Saturday 19th January, 2019. However, this act X of the mobilisation of yellow vests against the […]

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The demonstration of yellow Vests degenerated in Rennes, Saturday afternoon.

Yellow Vests: Death of a Protestor in Rennes? The Prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine Denies

Rumors are circulating on social networks, reporting the death of a protester Vest yellow, Rennes. The prefecture denies and evokes a woman suffering from discomfort The rumor circulated on social networks this Saturday afternoon. According to several tweets or Facebook posts, a protester would have died at the gathering of yellow vests , this Saturday in Rennes . The prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine formally […]

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Yellow Vests in Lille play cat and mouse

Yellow Vests Play Cat and Mouse in Lille and La Madeleine

In small groups, the Yellow Vests blocked the entry of the highway to La Madeleine, followed by the police force in Old Lille this Saturday 19th January, 2019 Act X Yellow Vests in Lille (North) this Saturday, January 19, 2019 led a small part of the procession in the Old Lille. The demonstrators blocked for a […]

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