Seine et Marne: He had Child Pornography on his Computer

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Child pornography photos and videos were found in Savignien's computer

A resident of Savigny-le-Temple has just been sentenced to imprisonment for the possession of child pornography on his computer.

“It’s atrocious, disgusting, all those unbearable photos of children torn apart! But how did you store these horrors on your computer? “. It is almost the end of the trial of a resident of Savigny-le-Temple, Wednesday 20th March, when the president of the Melun Criminal Court , Isabelle Théry-Gaultier, out of his hinges.

“I need to store! “

Facing her, stoic under the rolling fire of the questions of the judges and the prosecutor, the defendant, faces, half-offensive, half-amnesic.

The thirty-something bohemian, flanked by a walking stick that does not seem to serve him much, Xavier stammers dilatory replies, on the edge of the absurd: “I do not know what they do on my computer, I hardly looked at them, it does not interest me, I should have deleted them, but it’s stronger than me: I must store them ! “.

He suggests that the “one  could have even hacked his Wi-Fi line to download without his knowledge on his account. 

The individual is an artist photographer , unemployed and homeless very fixed. As the judge will remind, “the case begins on the territory of the United States with a Microsoft alert on the use of child pornography sites”. It is taken over by the FBI which via the embassy, ​​turns to France where are domiciled IP addresses concerned.


Going up the web, cyber crime investigators lead to Xavier’s two addresses, which are housed in a small studio. In January 2018, they search and seize a laptop, two external hard drives and five memory cards. Their content is edifying: 81,000 photos and 800 videos.

They also put their hands on two videos filmed in hidden camera where we see two teenage girls coming out of the bath and crossing the field of the objective in search of a towel. The inspectors will then discover that the two “models” are girls met on social networks and invited to the apartment: they will file a complaint.

It is on this basis of active hunting of its prey that the prosecutor can speak of “a predator who does not hesitate to hunt the teens to the doors of the colleges”. She will demand 2 years of imprisonment and a serious injunction of care.

Defense and conviction

At the helm, Xavier, balancing on his crazy paw, pleads all the evils of which he suffers: depression, bipolar disorders and amnesia which are however not corroborated by any therapy. Psychiatric expertise does not reveal any particular abnormality or pathology.

In his defense, M e Khufu Lara got the cancellation of part of the procedure, in which the search, due to the lack of motivation of the order of the judge of freedoms and detention. As a result, his client was released from most prosecutions but is convicted of possessing images of pornographic minors.

He is sentenced to 18 months in prison, 6 of which are suspended and put to the test for 3 years without a warrant. The Savignian will have the obligation to be treated and will not have the right to exercise an activity in contact with minors. In addition, he will be registered in the sex offender file.

The defense has 10 days to appeal.

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