Child pornography photos and videos were found in Savignien's computer

Seine et Marne: He had Child Pornography on his Computer

A resident of Savigny-le-Temple has just been sentenced to imprisonment for the possession of child pornography on his computer. “It’s atrocious, disgusting, all those unbearable photos of children torn apart! But how did you store these horrors on your computer? “. It is almost the end of the trial of a resident of Savigny-le-Temple, Wednesday 20th March, when the […]

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Priscillia Ludosky would like to reach at least 1500 signatures against fuel prices

Seine et Marne: A Resident of Savigny-le-Temple Launches a Petition against the Fuel Prices

A resident of Savigny-le-Temple launched a petition on the internet platform to demand a drop in fuel prices. “Since January 2018, especially, we have seen a sharp rise in the price of fuel. That is an increase of 7.6 cents / liter for diesel, and 3.8 cents / liter for gasoline. In 2021, gasoline and diesel […]

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