Child pornography photos and videos were found in Savignien's computer

Seine et Marne: He had Child Pornography on his Computer

A resident of Savigny-le-Temple has just been sentenced to imprisonment for the possession of child pornography on his computer. “It’s atrocious, disgusting, all those unbearable photos of children torn apart! But how did you store these horrors on your computer? “. It is almost the end of the trial of a resident of Savigny-le-Temple, Wednesday 20th March, when the […]

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In Nantes, Parents of a 14 year old convicted of beating her

Nantes: Parents Convicted of Beating their 14 year old Daughter

JUSTICE:  A Man and a Woman of 47 and 41 years old have received a sentence suspended sentence Wednesday in Nantes … Slapping, belt blows all over his body until unconsciousness after being thrown against a radiator. That’s what endured a girl of 14, this weekend, at her home in Nantes. The attackers, who were tried in […]

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Two years prison for a man from Brest convicted for 300 g of Heroin

Brest. Two Years in Prison for 300 g of Heroin

Friday, in a court appearance, a man from Brest 43 years was sentenced have been found guilty of importing, sold and used drugs. Two years in prison custody. Friday noon, following the decision of the criminal court of Brest, in immediate appearance procedure, a man from Brest, aged 43 years has been sent direct to prison.  Benoît Jore […]

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