700 Yellow Vests in Rouen: The Weakest Mobilisation Since the Beginning of the Protest

Local News
700 yellow vests were in Rouen today, the lowest since the start

We have seen the colours of smoke, party favours, and some stones fly to the security forces for a good part of the day. The situation became more tense in the late afternoon, when demonstrators managed to approach the regional prefecture.

Barely more than 700 yellow vests in Rouen at the height of the demonstration this Saturday 9th February, 2019. This is the weakest mobilisation since the beginning of the yellow vests movement, November 17th, 2019. We saw stealing the colours of fumigants, party favours, some stones also to the police.

Tear Gas

Calm remained until the end of the afternoon. And garbage fires remained rare. But, from 5 pm, the situation became tense. The demonstrators found a way to approach the prefecture. Until a more muscular confrontation: a barricade was trying to climb. It’s time for tear gas and dispersion. The rain begins to fall.

The yellow vests were only a handful at 6 pm in front of City Hall.

Some irreducible people turned in the city until nightfall. They were dispersed by the police. According to the prefecture, there was no deterioration of windows, and only one injured in Rouen, during a brawl on the sidelines of the demonstration. The attacker involved in the fight was arrested.

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