41 departments on Orange alert for thunderstorms

Bad Weather: Violent Thunderstorms Hit the Great Ouest, Floods and Tornado in Normandy

WEATHER REPORT: Roads cut, floods, damage, power cuts… Some French people have had to deal with the consequences of storms The violent storms which hit the west and the centre of France on Sunday afternoon particularly affected Seine-Maritime, notably causing floods and a “tornadic episode”, we learned from concordant sources. According to the Seine-Maritime prefecture, firefighters […]

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Other "significant" cracks discovered in two nuclear reactors

Nuclear: Other “Significant” Cracks Discovered in Two Reactors

SAFETY CONCERNS: EDF has detected another defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe in two reactors After the discovery of a crack in Penly 1, disappointments follow. EDF detected on Thursday another “significant” defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe […]

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Prolonged shutdowns at Nuclear power stations in France after safety concerns

Nuclear: Prolonged Shutdowns on Other Sites after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

POWER STATIONS: ASN is asking for more checks, which will lengthen the duration of shutdowns at certain Nuclear power station sites We press pause. A larger-than-expected crack has been detected by EDF at Penly 1 on an emergency pipe used to flood the reactor with water in the event of a nuclear accident. This will lead to the extension of […]

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The Safety Authority summons EDF to "revise its strategy" after the discovery of a crack in Penly

Nuclear: The Safety Authority Summons EDF to “Revise its Strategy” after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

SAFETY BREACHES: ASN asks EDF to react following the discovery of a crack in the Penly Nuclear power station  The Nuclear Safety Authority has ordered EDF to “revise its strategy” when a major crack was discovered on a weld in an emergency circuit of a shutdown reactor, Penly 1, in Seine-Maritime. EDF mentions a “significant stress corrosion defect” on an emergency pipe […]

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The firefighters intervened for a truck which lost its load in Belbeuf near Rouen, Friday, 6th November 2020

A Truck Loses 500 kg of Industrial Waste While Avoiding an Accident, Near Rouen

A truck left the road to avoid a car, Friday, 6th November 2020, in Belbeuf near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). He lost 500 kilos of his load. A truck braked urgently and thus lost control on the road from Paris to Belbeuf near Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Friday 6th November 2020. 500 kg of mud, from industrial waste, spilt on the road. There were no […]

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Despite the confinement, the Gifi stores in Seine-Maritime are still open.

Action, Babou, Gifi … In Full Confinement, Why These Stores are Open in Seine-Maritime

To the astonishment of consumers, the Gifi, Babou and Foir’Fouille stores are open in Seine-Maritime in this second confinement. Is it legal? We take stock. It is a total blur. Since Friday, October 30, 2020, the date of the second confinement, stores that are colloquially called “discount stores”  such as Gifi, Babou, Action, Foir’Fouille etc. are open, to the amazement of consumers. Those installed in […]

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Le Havre training center closed after several positive coronavirus cases

Coronavirus in Football: Le Havre Training Centre Closed after Several Positive Cases

EPIDEMIC: The players in Le Havre that have been tested positive for Coronavirus have been placed in quarantine The football club of  Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) on Wednesday announced the closure of its training centre. A decision that comes after several players has tested positive for the coronavirus. “After the various tests carried out following the first positive Covid-19 case recorded […]

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The return to school after the deconfinement is "a success", according to the Rector of Normandy

Deconfinement: Back to School, “A Success” According to the President of Normandy

The president of Normandy Christine Gavini-Chevet returned to the start of the new schools and colleges after the deconfinement, during a press conference Friday 15th May 2020. Since May 11th, 2020, and the start of deconfinement, the gradual resumption of lessons has taken place in schools in Normandy. “This recovery of students is really a success,” said Christine Gavini-Chevet, rector of the Normandy […]

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Demonstrations "and protest rallies" banned in Rouen this Saturday

Demonstrations “and Protest Rallies” Banned in Rouen this Saturday

Saturday 16th May 2020, despite the deconfinement, it will be prohibited to demonstrate in the streets of Rouen. It is the prefecture which took a decree going in this direction. Explanations. The announcement was made to the press by press release Friday, May 15, 2020. The prefecture of the department has decided to prohibit by decree “any demonstration or […]

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The first case of coronavirus confirmed in Normandy

The First Case of Coronavirus in Normandy Confirmed in Rouen

A person living in Bois-Guillaume, near Rouen, suffers from coronavirus. The information was confirmed on Thursday 27th February 2020 by the Normandy Regional Health Agency. A case of coronavirus was detected on Thursday 27th February 2020, in the agglomeration of Rouen (Seine-Maritime). This patient lives in Bois-Guillaume, reveals the daily Paris-Normandy . He was not hospitalized, but confined to his home. According to our information, […]

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