Discover the Toyota RAV4: The New Hybrid Without Penalty

The Toyota Rav4, a new hybrid

Toyota launches the 5th generation of its RAV4, only in hybrid technology, with the special feature of the 4×4 version more environmentally friendly than the 4×2. But the price starts at 34 950 €.

Twenty-five years ago, Toyota created the event by giving birth to the RAV4, a small, high-legged, 4-wheel drive, 3.71m vehicle powered by a 129-hp 2-liter petrol engine. What grilling any sport at a traffic light and run the 180 km/h on the highway, such as a GTi. It was a good time. It was before…

Today Toyota, become the champion of ecology, rediscovered the news of the automobile while leaving a new RAV4. It has nothing to do physically with the original but it presents exclusively hybrid engines that are now 4 × 4 cars politically correct. Measuring 4.60 m, the current generation gives an aggressive look through a long hood, a massive grille and square wheel arches.

Long live the RAV4 4 × 4 in town

Built on a new platform, the RAV4 adopts a 177 hp 2.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine supported by an electric engine of 118 hp for the 4 × 2 version plus a second 54 hp electric motor on the rear axle. the 4 × 4 version (with an extra cost of € 2,050). This gives respectively a total power of 218 and 222 hp. Hence better performance for the latter (8”1 at 0 to 100 km / h against 8”4) despite his disability weighing more than 60 kg. Also note a slightly lower consumption, the contribution of 2nd electric motor further relieving the combustion engine . Thus, the 4 × 4 is approved for 100 g / km of CO2 against 102 g / km for 4 × 2. It is in urban areas that the RAV4 is the cleanest since it is there that the electric motors can express themselves more, resulting in a fuel consumption of less than 5 litres.

More comfort and equipment

Interior of the Toyota RAV4
The RAV4 boasts a full range of advanced technologies, driver assistance and likely collision avoidance.

With a lower center of gravity and a much stiffer structure, it shows progressing road qualities, better comfort, a wider cabin and a 580-liter trunk, thanks to the battery that emigrated under the bench .

The indoor atmosphere is more flattering with a rational dashboard hosting a GPS screen, shaped tablet, overlooking the center console. In terms of equipment, the RAV4 benefits from a full range of advanced technologies, driving assistance and probable collision avoidance .

A versatile vehicle par excellence

On the road, the new RAV4 has gained agility and precision with a less assisted steering that offers a better feeling behind the wheel. The suspension is more padded and absorbs well the speed bumps but generates some roll in tight bend. However, the understeer is well fought, especially with the 4 × 4 version. The latter asserts its advantage on dirt roads and muddy roads where the Trail mode limits the slip of the most unloaded wheel and can send up to 80% of the torque on the rear axle.   

However, the CVT box still shows its limits on the sporting and sound, even if palettes solidaire steering wheel give the impression to use 6 speeds. Note also that the transition between thermal and electrical is well controlled, offering great moments of silence in urban areas.


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