France Launches “Plan Linked to a Brexit Without Agreement”, Announces Edouard Philippe

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Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at an interministerial meeting on Brexit on January 17, 2019 in Matignon .. (© AFP / JACQUES DEMARTHON: Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at an interministerial meeting on Brexit

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a plan to protect the French and the companies from a “Hard Brexit” of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Prime Minister Philippe announced Thursday the launch of a “plan linked to a Brexit without agreement ” to deal with the possibility “less and less unlikely” of a brutal exit or hard Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union .

This plan, prepared since April 2018, “contains legislative measures and legal measures aimed at ensuring that there is no interruption of rights and that the rights of our fellow citizens or our businesses are effectively protected. “, Said the head of government after a meeting with several ministers in Matignon.

After the National Assembly the day before, the Senate must finally adopt Thursday the draft law preparing France to any form that would take the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, including a Brexit “hard”.

“On the basis of this enabling law,” to be promulgated this week, ” five ordinances will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday and published in the next three weeks,” added Philippe.

“These five orders will allow us to have a legal framework that meets the challenges of a Brexit without agreement,” he said.

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600 recrutments in ports and airports

These include protecting the interests of French citizens residing in the United Kingdom, guaranteeing a status for British citizens in France, and again providing for measures to reinstate border controls.

Édouard Philippe also announced ” a plan of approximately 50 million euros of investment in French ports and airports”, ie “the places most concerned by the changes to be made”.

600 recruitments will be made in the coming weeks (…) they are jobs of customs officers, veterinary controllers, a whole series of agents of the State, which will allow, again, to be in the height of the stakes, to be at the height of the necessary controls, “he said.

A plan to accompany the fishing sector , which is “most likely to be hit hard by this exit without agreement”, is also under consideration.

“The responsibility of the government is that our country is ready, that the interests of our fellow citizens are preserved and defended,” insisted the head of the government.

Tuesday, January 15, British MPs overwhelmingly rejected the exit agreement of the European Union between Theresa May and Brussels, causing uncertainty in the United Kingdom.

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