Is the School Insurance Helpful?

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How useful is the School insurance for your child at school

At this time of the year, offers of school insurance multiply. But are they really necessary? This tells you what to do.

Your children have returned to school and you worry for their safety.  This is Normal. So you are tempted to take out one of the proposals of school insurance whose commercials abound. But you know, even if some are enticing, they are not always useful?

Required or not?

Olga de Sousa, lawyer UFC Que Choisir consumer association explains that no, it is not obligatory to contract this type of insurance. It depends on the activity. “The school insurance is not mandatory for all activities requested by the school, as they are included in the program. “This is the case, for example, an exit to the pool or the gym, since it is within the course of physical education and sports. Your child is then covered by the school.

However, it is not covered under the optional activities organized by the school. And you will need to prove that your child is covered for the register. These activities such that a visit to a museum, a snow class or green class.

Already covered or not?

Once you have determined whether your child needs to be covered in terms of planned activities towards your insurance records. It may be that you already have what it takes in your contracts.

The comprehensive home insurance covers one child in school if he is the author of an incident. It is civil liability. But it is not if thay are the victim ( accident …) (1). It is necessary to check if you have subscribed a guaranteed contract of personal accident (GAV) or assimilated contract (type “family accidents”). If you do not have this type of insurance, consumer associations recommend to purchase school insurance.

Caution also compare well to the type of events covered and reimbursement ceilings.

All this is very tedious indeed. But know that if you purchase school insurance which overlap with one of your collateral, you can not go back.

(1) However, it is supported by the child’s insurance, by the instigator of the incident.

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