Act 9 of the Yellow Vests in Seine-Maritime: Second Part of the Day Under Tension

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Tensions rose in the Seine-Maritime by yellow vests protesters

After a relatively quiet morning, the atmosphere became tense in the afternoon during act 9 of the mobilisation of yellow vests in Seine-Maritime, Saturday 12th January, 2019.

The act IX mobilisation Yellow Jackets began rather quietly in Seine-Maritime Saturday 12th January, 2019. The atmosphere was increasingly tense in the second half of the day. Small groups of demonstrators played hide-and-seek with the police in the cities of Le Havre and Rouen. The clashes have multiplied and the Yellow Vests have spread little by little. All the demonstrations were finished around 7pm.

In Rouen, two journalists and two security agents molested

The participation in Rouen, established at 3500 yellow vests in the morning by the journalists of 76actu – Yellow Vests counted 6000 and the Prefecture 2500 – was reduced over the afternoon. The authorities put forward the figure of 1,500 people. Difficult to establish exactly, as the protesters were dispersed as a result of the various clashes with the police.

The procession, completely exploded, reformed in the late afternoon. The smaller group was mostly formed by younger, more agile participants. For some without yellow vests and ready to fight. Protesters mounted barricades and lit garbage fires. In return, they suffered many shots from tear gas.

Several incidents have come to enamel this act IX. Yellow vests have strewn the Grenier barracks, where gendarmes are lodged. They also targeted the courthouse. The windows of two dwellings of gendarmes were fractured, like those of the office of the public prosecutor .

Two journalists from LCI and TF1 and the two security guards who accompanied them were also targeted. They were molested. A security guard had a broken nose. A complaint was filed at the police station.

A white march that took place in the calm

In Le Havre, participation was up in the afternoon. There were more than 1,100 people on site. An agricultural credit agency was burned, just like a vehicle. Protesters threw pebbles at the police. A barricade has also been erected on boulevard de Strasbourg.

aIn Fécamp, about twenty yellow vests showed up. They stood in front of the residence of MP Stephanie Kerbarh. In Dieppe, people mobilised at the Eurochannel roundabout, quiet in the morning, took action. They tried to block the trucks and were stopped each time by the police.

The situation was much quieter in Gournay-en-Bray, where the march in tribute to the victims who died since the beginning of the movement took place in calm.

27 arrests in Rouen, 22 in Le Havre

Given the tense situation, the count of arrests inflated. 27 people were arrested in Rouen, 22 of whom are still in police custody. 22 arrests took place in Le Havre, resulting in 19 police custody.

Seven wounded would be for the moment on the side of the yellow vests. On the side of the police, a person was injured by a jet of pavement at the knee.

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