Fire in an Apartment in Dieppe: A Man Seriously Intoxicated by Fumes

A man was seriously injured in an apartment fire in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), Saturday, January 12, 2019.

A fire broke out on Saturday 12th January, 2019, in an apartment in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). Four people were intoxicated by the fumes, one more seriously.

Thirty firefighters were mobilized on Saturday 12th January, 2019, to circumscribe a fire in an apartment in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) . Four people were intoxicated by the fumes, one more seriously.

According to the Departmental Operational Center for Fire and Rescue, the fire left shortly before 19h, a sofa located in a flat on the fifth floor of the Pluviose building, route du Vallon to Dieppe.

Four wounded including a serious

The fire was quickly controlled by fire soldiers. They found a man in his 40s in the damaged apartment. Seriously intoxicated by the fumes, he was transported to the hospital center of Dieppe. His vital prognosis was not engaged. Three neighbors were also poisoned, without gravity, by the fumes.

A total of 24 residents of this seven-storey building were evacuated during the firefighters’ intervention. A police investigation will have to determine the exact origin of the incident.

Another fire in Dieppe

The same evening, around 8pm, another fire in an apartment required the intervention of firefighters. This time it was a kitchen fire on the first floor of the Verrazane building, rue Jacques-Radou. The four occupants evacuated quickly and are therefore unscathed.

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