Yellow Vests Act 9: A Large-Scale Event in Rouen

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The mobilisation of yellow vests is still very strong in Rouen

Despite some arrests, the mobilisation of yellow vests for act 9 in Seine-Maritime took place in the calm during the morning. She is very strong in Rouen.

The act 9 of the Yellow Jackets mobilised many protesters in Seine-Maritime Saturday 12th January, 2019. The dreaded rally in Rouen by the authorities, took place peacefully during the first part of the day. In Le Havre, another important point of mobilisation, the situation was even more controlled.

Around 3,500 participants in Rouen

This act IX is marked by an ever stronger mobilisation in Rouen. While 2000 to 4000 people were gathered for the act VIII , François Boulo, spokesman of the yellow Vests announces the double this Saturday:

“This is a shady report, because it is difficult to count, but it is much stronger than last week. Jeanne d’Arc Street was full. It was very dense.”

The 76actu journalists in the field count 3,500 people. The prefecture gives the number of 2,500 demonstrators. One thing is certain, the impressive procession left at 10am from the Town Hall did not fade in numbers at noon.

A demonstration in tribute to the dead

In Le Havre, yellow vests were at least 850 in the streets, according to figures of the authorities. They also left the City Hall to roam the streets until noon, moment from which the group has gradually dislocated. A new event is planned in the afternoon in the city.

In Dieppe, a small event gathering less than twenty people took place in the center. Two new shacks were also mounted by yellow vests at the Eurochannel roundabout, but the traffic is unobstructed.

Another event should finally start in Gournay-en-Bray in the afternoon, a white march in tribute to the victims who died during the movement.

Thirteen arrests

The whole thing was calm – relative considering the number of protesters. The only clash took place in Rouen rue Jean-Lecanuet. Some shots of tear were made after the installation of a barricade and the jet of smoke by the yellow Vests. Protesters also tried to set garbage cans in front of the Yser Boulevard police station. They were prevented by other yellow vests.

“People are trying to regulate,” says François Boulo. I did not see anyone with masks. I did not see people breaking. Some people were still seen filling up the cobblestones of the Town Hall. They have not used it yet.

Thirteen arrests took place at midday for possession of weapons by destination or rebellion. Eight people were arrested in Rouen, two in Le Havre and three in Barentin’s commercial zone.

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