Téléthon 2018: The Pays de Sillé, Hand in Hand for the Good Cause

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Guy Barrier approaches the 2018 Telethon with a smile.

The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé-le-Guillaume (Sarthe) will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier.

The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé is a feast that federates the communes with each time a very nice checkin support. The next edition will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier.

How is the 2018 edition announced?

All associations are mobilised. And each one has perfectly prepared his activity. We have been on the Telethon since February 2018.

Who organises this Telethon? 

It is the Relay for Life Association of Pays de Sillé, composed of six people, which coordinates all the actions of the Pays de Sillé. And then who prepares the files related to the Telethon. We are in contact with the AFM.

How will this party be held? 

We realise that several associations organize events for the benefit of the Telethon before D-Day. There was in our sector, the fishermen of Lake Sillé (enduro for 3 days), on November 4, the association cycling and mountain biking from the Pays de Sillé, organized a mountain bike hike, the Halloween march on October 31 orchestrated by the Hikers of the Pays de Sillé. Then we have two clothes scholarships a year for the Telethon. They are organized by Odile Barrier and Odette Buchet not to mention the actions that save, an operation mounted by firefighters Sillé.

How many volunteers?

A hundred volunteers in total between Sillé, Mont-Saint-Jeanand the entire Pays de Sillé without counting volunteers from previous operations. In total, we can talk about some 250 volunteers.

There will be two meals to manage. Who does what ? 

Saturday noon December 8, it is the town of Mont-Saint-Jean who organises the meal. The price is set at 12 euros for adults and 7 euros for children. To book call Sylvie Lefèvre at 06 49 22 69 15.

The other meal will take place on Saturday evening, from 8.30pm, in Maurice-Termeau room. It will be animated by Marie Ange Boulay (singer and DJ). It is organized by the Sillé-Fresnay Lions Club. They will be helped by local junior high school students for the service. Of course, I am very happy with the involvement of young people who behave as good citizens. The price: 20 euros per adult and 12 euros for children under 12 years. We have made 450 reservations for a capacity of 500 people.

What is the thread? 
There are two red threads. The first: dress the trees of Sillé. We will sell woolen squares at 1 euro each. The trees will be warm. It is an idea initially of Saint-Germain-de-Coulamer. The project is led by Joël Bellanger and his team and Sillé-Loisirs. Congratulations and thank you to the many seamstresses. The second thread: this is a challenge launched by the Archers of Sillé. They give an appointment to all those who wish to give a boost to the Telethon. They target the 3637 points. One point is equal to 10 cents. Donors were given a Sillé-Optique urn for this operation. It’s open on Fridays from 8pm to midnight. Friday night, we meet in Mont-Saint-Jean to eat pancakes at Christelle Jarry.

Who drives the weekend? 
Jean-Luc Bouttier and Scène and Son de Sillé participate voluntarily. Thank you for them too.


Other events of the weekend?

  • First, before this long festive weekend, there will be Saturday 1st December, a Belote course, organised by the associations of Crissé, at the multipurpose room Crissé, at 1.30pm. Door open at 1pm. Registration: 5 euros (in favour of the Telethon).
  • A running relay will leave Flers on Friday 7th December, around 7am, to arrive at Sille, Place de la République, at 3:30 pm They will first pass in the 9 other towns of the Pays de Sillé.
  • The company Do Hit offers a concert of one hour, Friday 7th December at 9pm, room Leon-Besnardeau. Quest in the hat.
  • All other groups (tuning, bicycles, quads, motorcycles, mopeds and vintage cars) will leave Sillé on Saturday 8th December, at 9am.  They will travel all the towns of Sillé. They will be received by all local authorities. They will share a meal in Mont-Saint-Jean on Saturday lunchtime. They will arrive, each in their turn, according to an established program, Place de la Republique at Sille.
    Animation, Saturday, December 8, from 9am to 5pm, by firefighters Sillé. This is a demonstration of the use of fire extinguishers and an awareness of fire hazards.
  • This Saturday 8th December, Saint-Rémy-de-Sillé will also sell pancakes for the benefit of the Telethon, in the lobby of the Super U.
  • In the village Telethon,On Saturday, Place de la République, there will be refreshments, a pancake stand, stands for donations, and a make-up stand for children. Of course, Radio Frequency Sille will be present throughout the weekend, Place de la République to live the event live.

A message ?

I thank all the actors of this great operation of solidarity and I invite all the devoted souls who wish to give us a hand as volunteers to contact me at 06 29 10 25 00. We need security signalers and people that will help us set up the party, Republic Square on Friday afternoon.

My message is clear, our goal is to succeed a party in favour of the Telethon so that everyone takes pleasure. Generosity will come alone. Finally, I would like to congratulate Stéphanie Leduc, the new president of the Parennes Animation Committee . His association has taken the initiative to donate a portion of the profits from his Christmas tree, in favour of the Telethon. It’s very very nice.

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