The weather for this Saturday, December 22 in Sarthe.

Weather in Sarthe: A Sunny Afternoon Forecast

Do not be fooled by the morning clouds, it is a sunny afternoon that awaits you in Sarthe, this Saturday 22nd December, 2018. The morning of this Saturday 22nd December will be cloudy, fortunately, the sun will appear in the afternoon across the whole of Sarthe department. On the side of the temperatures, they remain mild […]

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Guy Barrier approaches the 2018 Telethon with a smile.

Téléthon 2018: The Pays de Sillé, Hand in Hand for the Good Cause

The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé-le-Guillaume (Sarthe) will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier. The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé is a feast that federates the communes with each time a very nice checkin support. The next edition will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier. How […]

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The atmosphere is good at the toll Joué-en-Charnie.

Sarthe: At Tolls, Yellow Vests Collect Tickets to “Send Them to Macron”

Highway tolls in Sarthe, including Joué-en-Charnie and Bailleul, yellow vests pass users. They get the tickets to “send them to Macron” The yellow vests are present at tolls in Sarthe , including that of the Bailleul on the A11and that of Joué-en-Charnie on the A81 , not to mention that of Montabon, this Sunday 25th November, 2018 . They let the users pass for free and collect the tickets to […]

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Could the snow be arriving in the Sarthe

Weather in Sarthe: Could the Snow arrive Today ?

This Tuesday 20th November, 2018 could see the snow arrive in Sarthe. It is not impossible that we see some flakes floating here and there in Sarthe this Tuesday 20th November, 2018 . The weather will be gray all day and cloudy … so look up and take out mittens, hats and other parkas. The temperatures will not exceed […]

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Cooler temperatures in the Sarthe department

Weather in Sarthe: Cooler Temperatures, Thunderstorms Later

This Monday 22nd October, 2018 sees the return of clouds and cooling temperatures in Sarthe. Fortunately, the thunderstorms will appear in the afternoon! After a cloudy morning, the thunderstorms will be return in the afternoon of Monday 22nd October 2018. On the temperature side, the trend is downward. 15 degrees are expected at Sille-le-Guillaume and 16 degrees […]

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