Three Easter Egg Hunts in Morbihan

Outings: Three Ideas of Easter Egg Hunts in Morbihan

It’s Easter weekend. Before looking for chocolate, you were first found three Easter egg hunts in Morbihan. There will necessarily be one near you. The egg hunt of Vannes traders Here it is not really an egg hunt but a hunt for little rabbits for children from the age of 6 on Saturday 20th April in the city centre […]

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Easter eggs will be hidden in the four corners of Ploërmel

Ploërmel and Surrounding Area: Where to Go on an Easter Egg Hunt?

Who says Easter, says chocolates. Seven egg hunts are organised on the 20th, 21st and 22nd April in Ploërmel and surrounding area. It’s a very French tradition. Seven egg hunts are organized on the country of Ploërmel with the key, chocolate delicacies delivered by the bells. Guillac Monday, April 22, appointment is given to the room of Coteaux from […]

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Where to hunt for Easter eggs in Caen and the city on the weekend of 20 and 21 April 2019

MAP: Where to Hunt for Easter eggs in Caen and the Surrounding Area?

School holidays and Easter weekend oblige, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April 2019, you may hunt Easter eggs in and around Caen The traditional Easter egg hunts return on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, 2019 in Caen and in the surrounding area (Calvados) . To pick up a maximum (while taking care to avoid the liver crisis), […]

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The season for Boot sales in the Loire-Atlantique is restarting

Loire-Atlantique: Boot Fairs in the Region

The season for the Boot Sales is restarting in the Loire-Atlantique Whether inland in the small villages or on the coast of the Loire-Atlantique Region, the season of the Vide Greniers, or Boot Sales is restarting.  Here is what on this Sunday 14th April. Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. Vide-greniers. 9am to 5pm. Salle de la Charbonnière, Ancenis. Bouguenais. 10th vide-greniers […]

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Dancers in the shop windows of Cognac

Cognac: A Grain of Madness in the Shop Windows

On the occasion of Mars Planète Danse, the company Volubilis invests a dozen windows downtown this Saturday. Final at 5.45 pm at La Vitrine de Cognac, 27 rue d’Angouleme. The bearded woman undulates with a pot of beauty product, in front of a dozen passersby dumbfounded, amused and seduced. At 3.30pm, this Saturday, it was the […]

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Weekend Agenda in the Lot-et-Garonne

The Agenda of the Weekend in the Lot-et-Garonne

Many are the ideas of outings at the beginning of the year in the Lot-et-Garonne Exhibitions Marmande – Exhibition “Marmande, daughter of the river” in the Municipal Archives. Free admission from 2 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. – Paintings of Brigitte Lainé in the store Alpha 47, 98 rue de la Libération. All week from […]

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News of the day for Quimper

Quimper: Our News of Monday 31st December

News, leisure, practical life, sports … From Monday to Saturday, the news of the day for Quimper, not to be missed. Fest-noz Kalanna in Penvillers A real musical feast to dance until 2019! This is what the organizer of the fest-noz Kalanna , the association Evel-Just, on Monday, December 31st. On display, some Breton music brands: the Guichen brothers Startijenn […]

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Giant dolls, accompanied by a fanfare, will walk the streets of Saint-Malo, Intra-Muros, this Saturday

Giant Dolls in the Streets of Saint-Malo

Giant dolls, accompanied by a fanfare, will travel the streets of Saint-Malo, Intra-Muros, this Saturday 22nd December, 2018. It is “an exceptional and magical moment” that is announced in the streets of Intra-Muros and Esplanade Saint-Vincent this Saturday 22nd December, 2018, as part of Christmas events in Saint-Malo. From 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm, the City of Saint-Malo […]

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Exhibition in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime

Various Exhibitions or Comedy … Our Ideas of Outings in Seine-Maritime this Monday

The ideas of outings in the Seine-Maritime are not lacking for Monday 3rd December, 2018. As every day, the editorial team has prepared your selection. Hello Seine-Maritime!  No surprise in the sky, Monday 3rd December, 2018: it will rain! The end of the night will be marked by thunderstorms, in the north of the department, placed […]

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Guy Barrier approaches the 2018 Telethon with a smile.

Téléthon 2018: The Pays de Sillé, Hand in Hand for the Good Cause

The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé-le-Guillaume (Sarthe) will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier. The Téléthon in the Pays de Sillé is a feast that federates the communes with each time a very nice checkin support. The next edition will take place on 7 and 8 December 2018. Meeting with coordinator Guy Barrier. How […]

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