Yellow Vests: At Least Three Blocking Points in Lude this Saturday 17th November

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The blocking protests on 17th November in Lude

The movement of yellow vests will be relayed this Saturday 17th November, 2018 in Lude. Several blocking points are planned, especially on the main roads.

The discontent with the soaring fuel prices and the “general sluggishness” will go through Le Lude Saturday 17th November, 2018.

A little over three weeks ago, a Facebook group called “Le Lude National Blockade” was created. It gathered this week more than 470 members.

To be heard, the protestors organised two information meetings. Each time they gathered around fifty participants.

“It’s getting too expensive”

1,800 flyers were printed and distributed by the protestors . They call for “the general mobilisation by and for the people against the prices of fuel, gas, electricity and all the rest. Life becomes too expensive. ”

Sabrina, the local flag bearer of the protest, is mobilised on the still glowing coals of a personal situation.

“My spouse is a job seeker. He got an internship to spend the Caces in Rouillon. It’s over two hours a day and we can not get there anymore.”

Disturbed traffic?

The local group has therefore organised to set up blocking points this Saturday 17th November. “There will be at least three,” she says. Without revealing them so far.

The main axes of communication and the access to the shops will undoubtedly be on the road of the yellow vests.

Trucks, tractors and cars

As for those who want to mobilise themselves spontaneously this Saturday, without having participated in the meetings, “they can go at 7am on the Place du Mail to know the points of blockage,” says Sabrina.

In Lude, tractors, trucks and cars of motorists are announced on blocking points.

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