Weather in Sarthe: A Grey and Foggy Day this Friday

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A grey and foggy day across the Sarthe department

This day of Friday looks grey and foggy across the whole of the Sarthe department. On the other hand, the temperature remains mild, between 9 and 14 ° C.

This Friday begins grey and foggy across the whole of the Sarthe department. The mists formed during the night persist early in the day. In some places they reduce visibility.

These conditions remain in place until mid-day under a mercury oscillating in the morning between 9 and 10 ° C.

Many clouds

In the afternoon, the clouds remain numerous and prevent the sun from imposing itself. The fog remains across the Sarthe.

The maximum temperatures are between 12 and 14 degrees across the whole of the department. There is forecast to have no wind today.

Have a good day.

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