Rennes: Yellow Vests Action at the PV Treatment Centre

Local News
The yellow vests were in front of the PV treatment center in Rennes on Friday morning.

The Yellow Vests have blocked this morning access to the site of the National Center for Traffic Offenses, Rennes, the seventh day of mobilisation, Friday 23rd November

On the seventh day of Yellow Vest mobilisation, this Friday, November 23, in Rennes, a group of protesters blocked access to the national center for treatment of PV, Atalante Champeaux area. “We had been there since 6 am We spent a moment with the employees. When police reinforcements arrived, we left the area peacefully, “ said one of the yellow Vests present.

Around 8 am, the group of yellow vests then took the direction of Bruz. They wanted to demonstrate before the Agricultural Social Mutuality. They have for the moment given up and think about the actions to come in the day.

In Ille-et-Vilaine, after snail operations on the roads,  the Yellow Vests are now targeting the symbols of the state . Objective of  “losing money to the state. “ Thursday in the department,  at least six cameras were attacked . The radars have not been damaged, but simply sheeted, to make them unusable.

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