New day od mobilisations of the Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: New Day of Mobilisation before the National Debate, Fears of Violence

This Saturday, the act 9 of the “Yellow Vests” could mobilise still many demonstrators everywhere in France whereas the government must launch a big “national debate” on Tuesday. “No class struggle, all with the Bourgeois”: for their ninth Saturday of mobilization, the ” yellow vests ” want to mount a new hotbed of protest in Bourges , in addition […]

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Smoke tire this morning near the Bassens oil depot in Gironde

Gironde: Yellow Vests Protesters Block Bassens Oil Depot

Yellow vests blocked the roundabout access to the Ambès oil depot, located in Bassens (Gironde) this Thursday 3rd January, 2019. New action of yellow vests this Thursday, January 3, 2019 . Dozens of protesters blocked the roundabout access to the Ambès oil depot , located in Bassens (Gironde), but failed to reach the site. For several hours, trucks could not enter or leave the […]

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The rise in Bank Fees cancelled in 2019

Yellow Vests: The Rise in Bank Fees Cancelled in 2019

After his social measures, Emmanuel Macron obtained Tuesday 11th December a limitation of the bank fees, which will be added to the social aids announced the day before. Another concrete gesture to try to appease ” yellow vests ” always angry: Emmanuel Macron obtained Tuesday 11th December a limitation of bank charges , which will be added to the social benefits announced […]

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Clashes between police and "yellow vests" on the Champs-Elysées, December 1, 2018 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: Incidents on the Champs-Elysées, Several Arrests

This Saturday 1st December is marked by a new day of mobilisation of yellow vests, in the region and in Paris, where the event on the Champs-Elysees is very tense. Third Saturday of national mobilization for the yellow Vests  : the movement maintains the pressure on the government by calling to protest everywhere in the country and […]

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Blockade at the Lorient oil depot by Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests: The Oil Deposits of Lorient and Brest Still Blocked

Friday 30th November, the yellow vests and building professionals continue their actions at the oil depots of Lorient (Morbihan) and Brest (Finistère). The Yellow Jackets had announced everywhere: new forms of action would be considered, to maintain pressure on the state, as the call of those of Saint-Brieuc to VAT at 0% in December . CRS in Lorient In Lorient , […]

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The yellow vests were in front of the PV treatment center in Rennes on Friday morning.

Rennes: Yellow Vests Action at the PV Treatment Centre

The Yellow Vests have blocked this morning access to the site of the National Center for Traffic Offenses, Rennes, the seventh day of mobilisation, Friday 23rd November On the seventh day of Yellow Vest mobilisation, this Friday, November 23, in Rennes, a group of protesters blocked access to the national center for treatment of PV, […]

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Nicolas Hulot regrets the crisis with the Yellow Vests

Nicolas Hulot Regrets a Crisis of “Yellow Vests” according to him “Avoidable”

The former Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot came out of his silence on France 2 Thursday 22nd November. He particularly regretted the “crisis” of yellow vests, according to him “avoidable”. Nicolas Hulot came out of three months of silence on Thursday night, during the political broadcast on France 2 and he “assumes” everything. Highly anticipated on […]

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Speed radars in Ille-et-Vilaine being targeted by Yellow Vests

Ille-et-Vilaine: Six Speed Radars Attacked by the “Yellow Vests”

Calls to attack radars are multiplying on social networks by sympathisers Vests yellow. In Ille-et-Vilaine, at least four radars have been hit today. In Ille-et-Vilaine, after snail operations on the roads, the Yellow Vests are now planning to “lose money to the state. “ According to our information, at least six radars were attacked today in the department. The radars […]

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the blocking action by the yellow vests continues this Monday

Yellow Vests: 13,000 Demonstrators on Monday, call for the Blocking of Paris on the 24th November

This Monday morning, the police counted 13,000 “yellow vests” spread over 358 sites, including oil depots. Protesters are now calling to block Paris. “We are also on course! Part of the “yellow vests” decided Monday to continue blocking operations for a third day mainly targeting highways but also oil depots , while the government is inflexible against the growl. The mobilisation “is obviously […]

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In Fougères, the Yellow Vests chained with a second day of blocking.

Fougères: Yellow Vests Back this Sunday, 18th November

The Yellow Vests at Fougères continue with a second day of blockades this Sunday 18th November. The yellow vests had raised the filter dams at the entrances of Fougères Saturday night. Only petrol stations were still closed to motorists. Quentin, the young entrepreneur at the origin of the mobilisation in Fougères was blocking Esso station, boulevard Saint-Germain: “Except some […]

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