Pays de la Loire: The Rennes-Retiers Train Line will be well and Truly Renovated

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The state of the SNCF between Chateaubriant and Retiers is in a poor state

The SCNF line between Rennes and Retiers (Ille-et-Vilaine) will be renovated. Nothing is yet recorded for the section until Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).

The Accret , the Citizen Association Châteaubriant-Rennes by train, received a letter dated October 11, 2018, from Christophe Mirmand, prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine : it was about the future of the train line Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) – Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) . The Accret is mobilized indeed for the total reopening of the line.

The prefect wants to be confident about the future of the line between Rennes and Retiers (Ille-et-Vilaine).

“I want to dispel any doubt about the completion of work on the section Rennes-Retiers. The financing agreement, amounting to € 23.6 million, was signed on September 3, 2018. The works can be completed in 2019.”

No decision taken for the stretch to Châteaubriant

Christophe Mirmand also underlines the financial effort of the State in this operation. “The State has decided to increase its stake to 23.8% instead of the 20% provided for in the 2015-2020 State-Region Plan Contract, despite a rising operating cost and a constrained budgetary context. ”

On the other hand, as regards the stretch between Retiers and Châteaubriant, the prefect specifies:

“The financing plan is not completed yet. Exchanges are still going on between all the parties to allow the work to be done.”

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