Fuel Prices: Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen Call to Block France on November 17th

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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen call for protest against rising fuel prices

TAXES: The two politicians join calls to protest against rising fuel prices …

Policies join the protest, after a multiplication of calls to manifest on social networks . Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen called Friday to block the roads throughout France on November 17 to denounce the rise in fuel taxes.

“It is necessary to block all France on November 17, it is necessary that the French population said to this government:” Now, that’s enough “, said on RMC Nicolas Dupont-Aignan . The president of Debout France (DLF) added that it is a “Saturday because we must not paralyse the people who work”. With this mobilisation against this “absolute scandal”, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said he was “convinced that we can change the story” and get the cancellation of the increase in fuel taxes.

“Fill the coffers of the state”

“All of our elected representatives and departmental delegates, our federations, will join the challenge that is emerging, said the president of the National Rally Marine Le Pen on Europe 1. It will be necessary for the government to understand that the French can not go anymore, they can no longer move by car (…) Our ministers live in Paris but in the countryside the car is essential. ”

According to her, the “spectacular” increase in fuel prices, “is not correlated, contrary to what we are told, the fight [against global warming]. This is to fill the coffers of the state because it must counterbalance the immensity of gifts to the richest French. “

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