Thunderstorms and Heatwave: 60 Departments Maintained on Orange Alert

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60 departments are still in orange alert

On Tuesday, Meteo France has maintained the orange alert in 60 departments for heat wave and / or thunderstorms, while the heat wave comes to an end.

The heat wave finally comes to an end: after days of heat, the last peak is reached on Tuesday in several regions, before a drop in temperatures caused by thunderstorms that could be violent in places.

Meteo France has maintained 60 department in orange alert for  heatwave and / or thunderstorms. 

Vigilance was lifted on part of the Southwest.

The long heat wave day and night, far from the killer heat of the summer of 2003, will end with the arrival from the west from Tuesday afternoon a stormy degradation that will to bring down the temperatures.

This disturbance should lead to storms sometimes violent accompanied by hail and wind gusts of up to 100km / h first in Normandy and Ile-de-France Tuesday afternoon, before heading to the Northeast.

“We will be able to breathe”

Tuesday, Bordeaux breathed again, under a gray sky, with only 29 ° C expected.

In Metz, where the thermometer still exceeded the 35 ° C Tuesday, Sophie, 36, took advantage of the pool and the sand of Metz-Plage with her 8 year old son: “We will not complain about the weather, but I I do not remember that it has lasted so long. 

General manager at Metz-Plage, Frédéric Wotasek is waiting for the promised drop in temperatures on Wednesday. “We will be able to breathe, people are anesthetized by the heat. “.

This long wave of heat, day and night, far away from the killer heat wave of 2003, will end in the entire territory with the arrival of the west stormy degradation.

Gusts to 120 km/h

This disturbance leads to storms sometimes violent accompanied by hail and wind gusts of up to 120km/h. Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon, thunderstorms touched Normandy and Brittany, before moving towards the south of the Ile-de-France then the North and the East.

Lightning will also hit “the regions south of the Massif Central,” says Meteo France.

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